Color Club Untamed Luxury layered

As I wore that Color Club's Untamed Luxury before and didn't quite like it by it self, I thought it would be a good idea to layer it with something. And I did that with several colors.

I used one coat of Untamed Luxury over for color which are e.l.f.'s Black (index), Depend's 170 (middle), Eyeko's Vintage Polish (ring) and Lumene's Have fun (pinkie).

Pinkie and ring ones look quite same although undercolor for pinkie is white and for ring is mint green, because Untamed Luxury has quite green base color. I think I like it most over black, that way it's quite fun. So by layering I did like this one more than by it self.

China Glaze Ick-A-Bod-Y

You've probably seen this polish several times by now, so I'm just going to show you the pics.

So this is called Ick-A-Bod-Y ( what a fun name:) ) and it's from China Glaze's Halloween collection. I have three coats here, top coat is needed to make this smooth out.. Nice color for halloween, but it's pretty color for fall in general also, so not just halloween.

Btw, I didn't have a list of my polishes here in my blog, so I did one. You can find it under "My Stash". I've seen this great idea of listing nail polishes and linking them to posts you've already done in other blogs (for example Imperfectly Painted) and I wanted to do that also. So take a look and don't hesitate to ask if you want to see something that I haven't already shown.

Halloween nails

We don't really celebrate Halloween here in Finland but I wanted to do something funny for halloween mani and I thought that I'd try to do something bloody like splatters or something like that.. It didn't turn out to be like I wanted it to be, but st least you still get the idea from this..

I used Lumene Natural Code Have Fun (which I still hate) and OPI Manicurist of Seville and worked the color with toothpick..

Color Club Untamed Luxury

If yesterday I was soooo in love with my polish, today not so much.. I somehow really thought I would love this polish, though I'm not always so good with greens or blues but this wasn't my cup of tee AT ALL. And that's quite unusual as I normally love anything glittery.. Oh well, let's have a look.

So yeah, I'm talking about Color Club's Untamed Luxury from the Untamed Luxury collection for this fall. I have three coats here and the covarege is pretty good for glitter. So I have no complains about the quality, this is a very nice glitter polish, but the color is not for me. Immediately when I put this on I thought this didn't suit me at all. And that's a shame. Maybe I'll try to layer this over something, that way I could like it more.

Essie Demure Vixen

Ever since I saw Essie's Dumure Vixen from the Summer Collection at Also Known As... I knew I had to have it. I now I finally do. This is btw my first and so far only Essie polish as they are bit more expensive than China Glazes and such so I don't normally buy them and also they are bit harder to get.. But I think I should get more of these.. Anyway, lets get to the polish..

This wasn't disappointing at all, I love it! It's so pretty dusty rose with this amazing purple flash. (Which looks blue in my pictures, I know, but in person it's more purple or even magenta). I have two coats here and I think this a nice work appropriate color but it's not dull in any way. It's a beauty and the purple flash makes it's way more interesting.

Lumene Without Words

Yesterday I showed you one of the best pinks ever in my oppinion but today I have a-not-so-amazing pink for you. Take a look:

So this is Lumene (it's a Finnish brand) Quick&Chic polish called Without Words (Finnish name Rakkauden kieli). I have only one coat here so this is nicely pigmented but I'm not so fond of this color. I thought this would be a pretty pink but somehow I didn't like this on nail as much as I hoped. Maybe it's because of that previous pink (China Glaze Endurance) as it was sooooo pretty that this one feels a bit dull after that.. though it's pretty too..

China Glaze Endurance

It's probably not a new thing anymore that October is Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) month, as many other bloggers have posted so many lovely post about it. It's now the last week of October and I thought it would be nice to quickly remind people about this now, as many of those post about BCA were published in the beginning of this month.. And this is a subject you should not forget! I'm just saying that everyone should keep this matter in mind and check themself regularly. There are lots of good posts about this subject, but Magic Maid made this touching post about her mom here and you can also find a list of bloggers that have blogged about BCA on her site.

China Glaze did a collection called Fight Like a Woman for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I only got one shade from this collection and here it is:

This is called Endurance and I have three coats here. I just have to say although I say this probably too much but I just looooooooove this one! It's so amazingly pretty! I'm not sure if it's even possible to go wrong with these glass fleck shimmers. This is one of my favourite pinks for sure!

Nubar Magic Sunset

Today I have you one Nubar polish to show. This is the second one that I've tried, but I have to say that I didn't like this one as much as I hoped. But I will let you have a look at first and then I'll say more..

This is called Magic Sunset and I'm wearing two coats (no top coat). I was hoping that this would be more duochrome-y like it seems to be in the bottle (you can see a bit of that in the first picture). But it looks only golden when applied and the tone is not right for me. It's just too.. I don't know.. something. I haven't found a right gold shade for me yet and this definately isn't one. It's sure pretty, but it's not for me.

Model's Own Magenta Pearl

As you all probably know by now, I really love anything purple and magenta and all the colors like that. So again I'm showing you one of those colors, this time from Models Own. Take a look:

So this is called Magenta Pearl and I have three coats here with a coat of Seche Vite. And again, I do love the color, it suits nicely to my skin tone and it's just plain simple pretty. I wanted to wear this color for bit longer so I decided to something extra to make it more interesting.

So I sponged on some Royal Cosmetic Connections glitters that I bought in that package earlier (here). I used three of them, two of those silvers and the black one, although the black doesn't show that much as I didn't only one coat with it. These weren't actually as I pictured them to be when I started, but I went with this outcome nevertheless.

Essence Undead?

I'm really not into all that Twilight stuff, or should I say, I haven't seen any of those films or read the books and probably will not get into those anytime soon.. I do love True Blood, but that's enough vampires for me. I think if I'd get into Twilight I'd probably like those movies, but for now, I'm not really interested. And this is not to upset anyone who loves/likes them..

But there's a reason why I'm talking about vampires (again). When I was in Berlin I bought this one Essence polish that is apparently from some sort of Twilight collection of theirs called Eclipse Collection. I'm not really familiar with Essence collections as those polishes aren't normally available for me and the one I got was the last one on the rack and it was hidden behind some other stuff and it was also on sale. Anyway, I liked the color so I bought it and didn't mind the Twilight thing it had going on.. Well, enough of this prattle and let's just have a look.

So this is called Undead? and I have to say that it looked much better in the bottle than it looks on nail. I have two coats here and those lovely purple glitter get just lost in all that black. I thought they would pop out some more. But this looks almost plain black IRL. I managed to get those glitters show up a little with lighting but that the most you'd see and in shade or darker lighting you see almost only black. So this was little disappointing, though the application was nice.

Color Club De-Luxe-Cious

Today I have a polish from Color Club Untamed Luxury collection to show you. Take a look:

So this is called De-Luxe-Cious and I have two coats here with a quick dryer. This would have needed a third coat as there is almost a bald spot on my ring finger, but I went only with two. Ok, so this was a little disappointment as it looks so pretty in the bottle but on nail the color disappears and also the glitter kind of sinks and you're left with a bumby finish. That can be handeled with a top coat, but still I'm not loving this one as I thought I would. It's pretty, but didn't quite do it for me.

Kiko Purple Microglitter

I haven't shown you any of those Kiko polishes that I got from my trip to Berlin, so here comes the first one.

This is called Purple Microglitter, or at least the website says so, in the bottle there is only the number 255. I have three coats here, without top coat and as you can see the finish is a bit rough so if you want it to be smooth, you need to add some top coat. But this is very pretty purple with holo glitter, I'm loving it. I think the quality of these Kiko polishes is quite good and the price isn't bad also (1,90€/$2.65), so I would definately buy more of these if I could (as they had lots of great colors!) but they are not available here.. I think I need to go back to Germany.. Or Italy as Kiko is an Italian brand.

OPI Tease-y Does It

So the last polish (for now) I got from the OPI Burlesque collection is Tease-y Does It. I might need to get that Let Me Entertain You! -one too.. But anyways, I'm a bit sad as I don't have any good pictures of Tease-y Does Itas it has been so dark and rainy hear lately it's fairly impossible to get nice pictures. I'm going to show you it anyway with these not-so-good pictures and maybe take some new ones when the weather is better.. But here it is:

This one is a tad too dark for my oppinion, but it's sure enough pretty and I do like it. Or maybe not too dark, but too brownish, I don't know. I have two coats here with a quick dryer. I have to say that out of these three that I've shown you this one was my least favourite and The Show Must Go On! was definately my favourite one.

So which one did you like the most from the Burlesque collection?

OPI Sparkle-icious

I did only get one of those glitters from OPI Burlesque collection, as I have quite a lot glitters, but they all looked very pretty and I had hard time figuring out which one to get. I almost ordered the purple one (Show It And Glow It!) as I looove purple, but then I thought that I have quite a lot purple polishes and wanted to have something else and unique, so I went with Sparkle-icious, as I don't have anything like it.

I have four coats here, so you need to build up this a bit to make it opaque. Also as this is purely glitter, you need to add some top coat, otherwise the finish will be rough. But this is definately pretty one and as I said I don't have anything like it, so I'm glad I have this now.

OPI The Show Must Go On!

Like almost everyone else I had to have some of those lovely polishes from OPIs Burlesque collection. I would have liked to get all of them, but as I'm on budget, I ordered only three. And here is the first one (I took lots of pictures.. :))

This is so pretty! I had to take quite many pictures as I'm trying to show you all the color of this polish. But I didn't get one with sunlight as the sun hasn't been shining for days, but it would have been nice addition as it looks quite different in sun. Anyways, this is called The Show Must Go On! and it's this amazing dark pink/orange (or gold) duochrome and I just love it! In my oppinion you definately shouldn't miss out on this one, it's so gorgeous!

Oh, and I have two coats, with a quick dryer.

Nubar Cinnamon Twist

So some days ago I showed you that pink crackle polish by IsaDora and I told you that I was wearing Nubar Cinnamon Twist under the Masterpiece Pink. But I haven't shown you Cinnamon Twist by it self yet, so here it is:

Another nice fall color and kind of spicy one also, as the name says. Two coats here with a quick dryer. This is the first Nubar that I've tried and I have nothing to complain, good quality, nice brush and of course, nice color. I wish I had ordered more Nubars when I had the chance, as there was this one e-tailer in Finland who sold these, but now they are only selling those polishes that they have and there isn't going to be any Nubars after that. So then I'm not sure where I could get these (not so cheap for sure), so that's a shame..

OPI Manicurist of Seville with GOSH Rainbow

Yesterday I showed you OPI Manicurist of Seville and I wanted to wear it little longer, but I upgraded it with GOSH Rainbow, and look how it turned out:

So this is a perfect fall mani or what?!? It looks to me like autumn leaves and it's so amazing as it looks so different from different angles or with different lighting. I need to go and find myself a back-up bottle of this Rainbow, it's soooooo pretty with almost anything!

OPI Manicurist of Seville

I have another quality creme by OPI for you today. It's called Manicurist of Seville and it's from the fall 2009 collection (Coleccion de España).

So this is two coats, it was quite good with only one so you can probably manage with one thick coat if you want to. I have to say that OPI sure knows how to make goor cremes and I can never praise enough that wide brush.. By the way, this didn't come out right colorwise, as IRL I thought it looked kind of like blood in my nails. So my camera made it to look tad brighter.. But it's a great color, I thought someone should make a color like this and call it True Blood (if it's not done already, I don'n know). And someone should really name some polishes after Sookie, Bill, Eric and definately Lafayette. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a TV show called True Blood..)

Model's Own Peacock Green

Today I'm going to show you one polish from my Models Own haul. It's called Peacock Green and here it is:

I don't normally go well with blues or greens so this is not usual color for me, but I still like it. It's pretty and well pigmented, this is just two coats. I did also just a little bit of nail art, just simple white cross to the tips and a decall to ring finger. It's a very simple desing but makes manicure look more interesting.

Sorry about that crappy flash picture, but I didn't have a choice as I wanted to change my mani and it was night and I hadn't took a picture of this.. Well, you can still get the idea from here, even if the picture isn't perfect..

H&M Hello Kitty Purple Glitter

I went to H&M store the other day and saw this cute Hello Kitty polish so I couldn't resist of buying it. It was so sparkly and of course purple so I had to have it.

So this is called Glitter Purple and I wore it over Essence Break Trough, which I showed you a while ago, as this is just purple glitter with clear base, so without a base color I thought it would probably take forever to make it opaque. And I was right, in the picture I have three thick coats and you can still see that Break Trough under that glitter quite well. So this one is better for layering.. But it's still pretty and it's was cheap. And look at that bottle, how cute is that?!

China Glaze Cowgirl Up

Y'all probably know by now that I love purple polishes, so it's not surprise that I love China Glaze's Cowgirl Up from the fall 2008 collection (Rodeo Diva). It's definately one of my favourite polishes of all time and here it is:

It's so pretty, isn't it? If you click the picture larger you can see a bit of that blue shimmer which in my oppinion makes it special. I wanted to try how this looks with matte top coat so I put on a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic and here is the result:

So Cowgirl Up probably looks nicer by it self but this isn't bad also. It looks quite interesting with matte top coat, although it goes quite dark.

IsaDora Masterpiece Pink

So these IsaDora Graffiti polishes have been everywhere and you've probably seen these million times (at least in Finnish blogs) but I still want to show you mine as I finally got one in my hands.. I have been looking for these Graffiti polishes for a while as I've seen them on other blogs, but I couldn't find them anywhere (they were always out of stock or hadn't even arrived yet). So when I finally saw these at Kicks (a Finnish make-up store) I had to buy some. I only got the pink one as I would have also wanted the white one but of course there wasn't any left. I might have bought the black one too, but as you can imagine, there wasn't any of those either.. So here is the Pink one called Masterpiece Pink:

I think this a fun different look, but it's something I think I might get bored quite easily and I definately wouldn't wear this everyday. But it's a nice change and easy way to get somethinf different.. By the way if you're wondering, the base color here is Nubar Cinnamon Twist as I was wearing it and wanted to try this Graffiti polish, I just put it on.. But I think they go quite well together.. This pink one would probably look cool with some white underneath, so I have to try that sometime.

So if you don't already know how these Graffiti polishes work here it is in short: first you apply a base color (and of course a base coat before that) and then you just but on one (thick) coat of this Graffiti Nail Top and it takes only seconds to become cracked and it dries fast too, something like two minutes and you're good to go. It dries matte so if you want a shiny finish, you need to add some top coat.