Catrice Sold Out For Ever & Clay-ton, My Hero

I've seen Catrice polishes in some blogs before and they seemed interesting, but they are not available here in Finland. So when I went to Berlin, of course I had to buy some and I ended up getting two, so here they are:

So the first one is Sold Out For Ever (what a funny name! :D), a nice mint green with gorgeous green shimmer. This is said to be a close dupe of Chanel's Jade, but I don't have any Chanel's polishes so I can't really say anything about it. Two coats here and I do like this color very much, I just hoped that that gorgeous green shimmer would show up more.. But it really doesn't, which is so shame.. Oh well, it's a pretty color nevertheless.

Second one is Clay-ton, My Hero (who comes up with these names..? :D), two coats here also. It's a nice taupe with again gorgeous gold shimmer. And as you can probably quess, it has the same problem as Sold Out For Ever had, the shimmer shows up only in good lighting. But it's a pretty shade also, but it would be sooooo gorgeous if it would sparkle more..

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