China Glaze Ingrid

I settled on picking up three polishes from the fall China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection. As I'm living on student budget, it's not possible to get those whole collections. Ingrid was one of those three that I picked up and it was probably the one I wanted the most as it looked quite unique.

Two coats here with top coat. In shade Ingrid looks like some regular brown, but in sunlight or in some other good lightning the gold comes out:

...and it's not so regular anymore. I don't have many brown polishes but this is definately a beauty and for me definately one-of-a-kind-one. It's a very nice fall color and I do really think that it's one of the best ones from the CG fall collection.

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  1. Drooling!! Sooo beautiful. There's a lowcost dupe for this, I believe.