Colosé Fleuron

Today something a bit funny: I have two Colosé polishes called Fleuron, but they are completely different colors. They are also in different bottles (or have different caps) as one of them is older than other and they have changed the bottle. But as far as I know, the other color stayed the same, but this Fleuron is a bit mystery as it went on from a warm peachy color to colder pink. Take a look at the bottles:

So you see what I'm talking about..? I think (I'm not really sure as they still use both of these caps for different lines) that the one on left is more recent one and the one on right is older. But they do have exactly the same name..

First the recent one, two coats here. Nice summer color, I think it looks a tad cooler toned IRL, but it was somehow really hard to capture precisely and on top of that all the pictures were somewhat blurry..

And then the older one, two coats here too. It's no doubt much more warm and peachy than the other one.. So they are completely different color which I find kind of funny as I assume that the first one has replaced the second one, but it's nothing like it. It's quite confusing and one would think that it would be better to come up with some other name to color that is so different than the other. Oh well, it's just my oppinion and I'm glad I have them both as they both are great colors.

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