Essence Break Trough & Gold Rush

I have still many polishes to show you that I got from Berlin, so today I'm going with them again. I got two of Essence's color & go -line polishes and here they are:

So the first one is this gorgeous creame purple (two coats here) called Break Trough. As you know purples are very hard to capture so the color isn't here quite right, but it's almost there. This was a very nice polish over all, as it is easy to apply, it's very pigmented and it's a very nice color! It's so vivid, it's almost like a neon color..

The second one is called Gold Rush, three coats here. This one isn't so nice, as it is way too brush-stroke-y for my oppinion. Also the color isn't quite as I hoped for, this doesn't suit too well with my skin tone.. Oh well, it's just not for me.. So I got one hit and one miss, so quite well as I do love that purple one!


  1. Umm, you got those in Berlin, that's cool. I'll be going with my sis in March. Any places that you recommend (shopping or otherwise)?

  2. Berlin is my favourite city, I've been there few times.. Well, if you want to shop polishes I think all the little drug stores are best. I would also recommend the brand Kiko, which is from Italy but you can find it in Berlin. Kiko's are quite cheap and thought they had lots of nice colors. There's a Kiko store in a shopping mal called Alexa which is near the Alexanderplatz.

    Hope your trip to Berlin is fun!