China Glaze Bad Kitty & Strawberry Fields

Okay, I know it's so all fall now and I should be rocking all those great fall colors but I'm still going on with these summer shades.. Well, these are very gorgeous colors and I just have to show them to you to get them over with so that I can get to those fall shades. Though there really isn't any rule that you couldn't were colors like these in fall..

So the first one is Bad Kitty by China Glaze, two coats here over the CG Good Witch? (which I've shown you before). As these glitters are quite sheer by them self, it's always a good idea to layer them over some shade that is close to the glitters color.. It's very pretty and as you would imagine I love it for all it's glittery beauty (I'm soooo glitter lover). It has so much glitter that my camera had hard time on focusing it.

Second one is CG Stawberry Fields, two gorgeous coats here. I do love this one too, as it's kind of unique to me as it is pink with gold shimmer. Really glad that I got this one, as I was going back and forth with getting it. I do have many pinks but nothing like this.

As I was loving the color of Strawberry Fields I wanted to add something and wear it for little bit longer so I added some GOSH Rainbow.


  1. I love the combination of Bad Kitty over Good Witch, very pretty! Strawberry Fields is my favorite China Glaze color ever. It's so beautiful!

  2. Both are pretty, but you're right, Strawberry Fields is definately something special. :)