Essence Break Trough & Gold Rush

I have still many polishes to show you that I got from Berlin, so today I'm going with them again. I got two of Essence's color & go -line polishes and here they are:

So the first one is this gorgeous creame purple (two coats here) called Break Trough. As you know purples are very hard to capture so the color isn't here quite right, but it's almost there. This was a very nice polish over all, as it is easy to apply, it's very pigmented and it's a very nice color! It's so vivid, it's almost like a neon color..

The second one is called Gold Rush, three coats here. This one isn't so nice, as it is way too brush-stroke-y for my oppinion. Also the color isn't quite as I hoped for, this doesn't suit too well with my skin tone.. Oh well, it's just not for me.. So I got one hit and one miss, so quite well as I do love that purple one!

P2 Stormy

P2 is also a brand that isn't available here in Finland, so I wanted to give it a try while I was shopping in Berlin, so I bought two of them. And here is one, called Stormy:

Three coats here with Seche Vite. So Stormy is this great brownish grey with beautiful goldish shimmer. It's kind of same color as Catrice Clay-ton, My Hero, which I showed you before, but Clay-ton is a tad darker. I really like them both, maybe I'll do a comparison sometime.

I did like the quality of P2 and I also liked the brush, so I would definately buy more of these if I could as they are quite cheap also. So it's a shame that they don't sell these here in Finland.

OPI Pamplona Purple

I don't have many OPI polishes as they are quite hard to get here in Finland. Or maybe not hard to get but too expensive to buy here and so few e-tailers sell them anymore.. Just while ago there were some OPIs on sale from the fall 2009 collection (Coleccion de España). They were still a tad expensive for my oppinion but nevertheless I bought two as I do love the great quality of OPIs and of course the nice brush. Today I'm showing you one of the two that I bought, Pamplona Purple:

I didn't have the bottle with me when I took the pics, so sorry about that.. But here is two coats of Pamplona Purple with Seche Vite. I do have many purple polishes, but I don't have many cremes so this was a great addition to my collection. It's a very pretty color and great for fall. It was almost good to go with one coat, so I have to say that OPI really knows how to make nice creme polishes, I just wish they were easier/a bit cheaper to get.

China Glaze Midnight Mission

Today I'm going to show you one polish from the China Glaze Vintage Vixen collectionfor this fall. I only picked up three polishes from this collection and this is the second one I'm showing to you. So here is Midnight Mission:

First pic in shade, second one in sunlight, two coats here and it was almost good to go with one, so you could probably go with one thicker coat. Midnight Mission is this great dark blue packed with silver glitter. And you know what?! I'm really enjoying it even though it's blue! So this is something new, I rarely like anything blue. But this looked so amazing in other blogs I had to have it and I'm really happy I do, this is really pretty!

Catrice Sold Out For Ever & Clay-ton, My Hero

I've seen Catrice polishes in some blogs before and they seemed interesting, but they are not available here in Finland. So when I went to Berlin, of course I had to buy some and I ended up getting two, so here they are:

So the first one is Sold Out For Ever (what a funny name! :D), a nice mint green with gorgeous green shimmer. This is said to be a close dupe of Chanel's Jade, but I don't have any Chanel's polishes so I can't really say anything about it. Two coats here and I do like this color very much, I just hoped that that gorgeous green shimmer would show up more.. But it really doesn't, which is so shame.. Oh well, it's a pretty color nevertheless.

Second one is Clay-ton, My Hero (who comes up with these names..? :D), two coats here also. It's a nice taupe with again gorgeous gold shimmer. And as you can probably quess, it has the same problem as Sold Out For Ever had, the shimmer shows up only in good lighting. But it's a pretty shade also, but it would be sooooo gorgeous if it would sparkle more..

Two new ones in action

Here are two polishes from my Berlin haul:

First one is Manhattan 96D, three coats here without top coat. This is a fun polish and when I saw it I had to have it as it has this awesome holo glitter. And the glitter shows up quite nicely on nail too, so I'd say this was a nice addition to my collection.

Second one is Rival de Loop pink polish with no name (it has a number 250N but I'm not sure if it is the colors number or what). Two coats here and as you can see it's quite sheer still, but I don't mind that with lighter colors like this. This is quite nice color too and has this nice silver shimmer which shows up quite nicely.

Again more polishes..

Just a while ago me and my man went to Berlin for a 8-day-vacation and of course I bought some polishes. Quite a lot actually, but I had to since I'm not going to get back there anytime soon (even though I'd really like to and not just because all the great nail polishes). And now I'm a bit dissapointed that I didn't buy more, hah! So here they are:

Top row from left to right: Rival de Loop no name, Manhattan 96D(?), Claire's B93(?), Catrice 230 Clay-ton, My Hero & 240 Sold Out For Ever, Kiko 254 Microglitter Red Wine & 229 Sparkle Touch Multicolour Glitter Ivory
Bottom row from left to right: P2 207 Stormy & 015 Gracious, Essence 32 Gold Rush & 26 Break Through, Essence Twilight polish 01 Undead?, Kiko 255 Purple Microglitter & 243 Plum Red

I only bought polishes that I can't get from Finland and I also tried to invest in colors I don't already have. I think I made some good purchases, or what do you think?

I also bought some nail art stuff and some decals:

Then when I got home there was a nice surprise waiting as my order from Models Own had arriwed. There was this sale going on a while ago and of course I had to order some polishes.

From left to right: Tickled Pink, Magenta Pearl, Peacock Green, Disco Mix and Deep Purple

And then yesterday I found two OPIs from sale:

From the last fall collection Manicurist of Seville and Pamplona Purple. I had to buy them as they were on sale and nowadays it's so hard to get some OPIs.

So A LOT of new polishes here. Can't wait to try them all!

China Glaze Ingrid

I settled on picking up three polishes from the fall China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection. As I'm living on student budget, it's not possible to get those whole collections. Ingrid was one of those three that I picked up and it was probably the one I wanted the most as it looked quite unique.

Two coats here with top coat. In shade Ingrid looks like some regular brown, but in sunlight or in some other good lightning the gold comes out:

...and it's not so regular anymore. I don't have many brown polishes but this is definately a beauty and for me definately one-of-a-kind-one. It's a very nice fall color and I do really think that it's one of the best ones from the CG fall collection.

beauty uk Metallic Lilac

This is beauty uk polish called Metallic Lilac and I got this from sale while ago and paid 1 euro for it (currently ~$1,27) so it was really cheap and I was quite suspicious if it would be any good. But I'd say it was euro well spend as this quite gorgeous. In the pictures I have three coats and I have to tell you, when I was applying it, it looked so sheer with the first coat that I thought it was quite awful. But when I build on the layers it turned out to be this gorgeous foil looking mauve.

China Glaze Bad Kitty & Strawberry Fields

Okay, I know it's so all fall now and I should be rocking all those great fall colors but I'm still going on with these summer shades.. Well, these are very gorgeous colors and I just have to show them to you to get them over with so that I can get to those fall shades. Though there really isn't any rule that you couldn't were colors like these in fall..

So the first one is Bad Kitty by China Glaze, two coats here over the CG Good Witch? (which I've shown you before). As these glitters are quite sheer by them self, it's always a good idea to layer them over some shade that is close to the glitters color.. It's very pretty and as you would imagine I love it for all it's glittery beauty (I'm soooo glitter lover). It has so much glitter that my camera had hard time on focusing it.

Second one is CG Stawberry Fields, two gorgeous coats here. I do love this one too, as it's kind of unique to me as it is pink with gold shimmer. Really glad that I got this one, as I was going back and forth with getting it. I do have many pinks but nothing like this.

As I was loving the color of Strawberry Fields I wanted to add something and wear it for little bit longer so I added some GOSH Rainbow.

Colosé Fleuron

Today something a bit funny: I have two Colosé polishes called Fleuron, but they are completely different colors. They are also in different bottles (or have different caps) as one of them is older than other and they have changed the bottle. But as far as I know, the other color stayed the same, but this Fleuron is a bit mystery as it went on from a warm peachy color to colder pink. Take a look at the bottles:

So you see what I'm talking about..? I think (I'm not really sure as they still use both of these caps for different lines) that the one on left is more recent one and the one on right is older. But they do have exactly the same name..

First the recent one, two coats here. Nice summer color, I think it looks a tad cooler toned IRL, but it was somehow really hard to capture precisely and on top of that all the pictures were somewhat blurry..

And then the older one, two coats here too. It's no doubt much more warm and peachy than the other one.. So they are completely different color which I find kind of funny as I assume that the first one has replaced the second one, but it's nothing like it. It's quite confusing and one would think that it would be better to come up with some other name to color that is so different than the other. Oh well, it's just my oppinion and I'm glad I have them both as they both are great colors.

Lumene Moment of Miracle

Today I'm going to show you one of my older polishes, Lumene's Moment of Miracle and here it is:

First picture in sunlight, second in shade. Two coats here (no top coat) and I do have to say I like this color very much. It has this interesting, almost foil looking finish and the color itself is also quite pretty. Very good color for fall, don't you think?

As I said before Lumene is a Finnish brand that I don't buy that often anymore as I think the polishes are a bit expensive if you compare them to other brands. You can get Color Club or China Glaze or something like that for the same prize (or even cheaper depending where you buy it) and I think the quality of Lumene polishes isn't so good as those others. But I have to say I do like the extra wide brush that Lumene Quick & Chic polishes have, it makes applying so easy..