Eyeko Tea Rose Polish with Make Up Store Lava

I tried to spice up that Eyeko Tea Rose polish that I showed you before here, with Make Up Store Lava and here is the result:

Yep, it didn't work as I thought it would. I thought the result would be something like what you get with GOSH Rainbow, but Lava did fairly nothing. It managed to even out some of those bumbs that came from the thickness of the Tea Rose polish, but that was about it. All those cool flakies dissappeared. Maybe the Tea Rose polish wasn't a good pair with Lava but I thought that those flakies would so up even a bit. Well, have to try this on some other polish, but I doubt that the effect won't be as nice as with GOSH Rainbow as the density of the flakies isn't so good in Lava.

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