Make Up Store Sanna

Here is one polish from my previous haul in action:

This is Sanna by Make Up Store and it's a really nice summery pink shimmer, looks almost a bit duo-chrome-y in some light. It looks pretty but the application wasn't nice. It was very runny and when I put on the first coat I thought that it probably would take too many coats to make it opaque, it was so sheer. But after three coats it was pretty much opaque, so good for that but for my oppinion it was way too runny in such way that it was hard to apply it beautifully.

So this was my first touch with Make Up Store polishes and I have to say I'm not very convinced. I thought that as they cost quite a lot, they would be amazing or at least very good but this was hardly mediocre when it comes to quality. So I won't be buying these for the full prize, maybe when there is somekind of sale I can think about buying one of these again.


  1. Mä aattelin, etten koskaan osta lakkaa sen nimen perusteella, mutta tää on jo semmonen että pakkohan se on. :D

  2. Kyllähän sitä nimikkolakat pitää omistaa. :)