Color Club Revvvolution & Lumene Beyond the Dark

I ordered Revvvolutin by Color Club in spring and I haven't shown it to you yet so here it comes:

A little bit blurry pic, sorry about that, but my camera just would focus on this holo beauty. I didn't wear this earlier as I think it's a fall/winter color, but it's truly a stunning beauty! And this is just a one coat and it went on like butter, I loooove it and I love Color Club, have to have more of those for sure.

I have one older polish by Lumene that looked kind of alike in bottle in indoor lighting with Re
vvvolution so I wanted to compare those two:

So in index and ring finger is Lumene Beyond the Dark (Pimeän taa) and in middle finger and pinky is Color Club Revvvolution (no top coat). In shade they look kind of close, Beyond the Dark is a bit darker.

But in sunlight they're completely different as the beautiful holo effect of Revvvolutin comes alive. Beyond the Dark lacks the holoness as it's a grey, almost black, with silver shimmer. But both are beautiful anyhow.

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