Colosé Emotion & Passion

Today I have couple older polishes for you. I have had these for more than two years now and they are still in good shape, I thinned them a bit because they were a bit on the thick side but other than that they were good to go.

So the first one is Emotion by Colosé. It's a very light sheer pink and it's ment to be sheer as it is from the french manicure line. I used only two coats as I didn't want to even try to make it opaque. It's very nice color for a natural look, though the pink in it kind of dissappears here.

The second one is Passion also by Colosé and it's more in the brown/yellow side. It's also quite sheer as it is from the same line as Emotion but it seems to cover a tad more. Also very nice color for neutral look.

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