NYX Girls Baby Blue & Lumene Flirty

I bought these NYX Girls polishes ages ago and I have shown you only two of five of them. Today I'm gonna show one more and I also have another color that is quite close to it. But let's take a look first..

Ok, so this is Baby Blue by NYX Girls and it's probably the least favourite of those that I ordered. And not probably, it is, as I like all three of those reds that I chose and Cafe Latte was also quite nice. This certainly isn't, it is too brush-stroke-y for my taste. Also as I've said before, blue isn't my favourite color (not anywhere near) so adding that to the fact that you can see every brush stroke that you've made.. Not good! And this was also quite sheer, I used three coats here.

Somehow I have another polish that is quite close to that not-so-nice Baby Blue. This is Flirty by Lumene Natural Code and I have to say, this beats that Baby Blue like 100-0. Flirty has that nice little silver glitter in it, which I think makes it all better. With that glittery finish you can't see those brush strokes and it also makes the polish more interesting. And more silvery too, which is good if you're not friends with blue..

Lumene is a Finnish brand so you can mainly find these in Finland but there seems to be some stores in other countries that sell it. You can look for more information here.
Those NYX Girls polishes I ordered from Cherry Culture. (Read my post about my haul and some mix-ups here.)

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