OPI DS Extravagance

OPI DS Extravagance was probably the one polish that I wanted the most in my last TD haul, so of course it was the first on I tried.

This is my first DS polish and what a beauty it is! I just love it so much and it became on of my favourite polishes immediately. I just couldn't stop stearing my nails when I wore this, it's so pretty! This is two coats with a top coat.

Eyeko Tea Rose Polish with Make Up Store Lava

I tried to spice up that Eyeko Tea Rose polish that I showed you before here, with Make Up Store Lava and here is the result:

Yep, it didn't work as I thought it would. I thought the result would be something like what you get with GOSH Rainbow, but Lava did fairly nothing. It managed to even out some of those bumbs that came from the thickness of the Tea Rose polish, but that was about it. All those cool flakies dissappeared. Maybe the Tea Rose polish wasn't a good pair with Lava but I thought that those flakies would so up even a bit. Well, have to try this on some other polish, but I doubt that the effect won't be as nice as with GOSH Rainbow as the density of the flakies isn't so good in Lava.

China Glaze Delight

Here is China Glaze Delight from the Romantique collection:

Very pretty color for fall, don't you think? This is two coats with no topcoat, it applies nicely, nothing to complain here. It's quite well pigmented color as are also the other ones from the same collection (from what I've heard), so they are nice for water marbling or stamping.

Color Club Revvvolution & Lumene Beyond the Dark

I ordered Revvvolutin by Color Club in spring and I haven't shown it to you yet so here it comes:

A little bit blurry pic, sorry about that, but my camera just would focus on this holo beauty. I didn't wear this earlier as I think it's a fall/winter color, but it's truly a stunning beauty! And this is just a one coat and it went on like butter, I loooove it and I love Color Club, have to have more of those for sure.

I have one older polish by Lumene that looked kind of alike in bottle in indoor lighting with Re
vvvolution so I wanted to compare those two:

So in index and ring finger is Lumene Beyond the Dark (Pimeän taa) and in middle finger and pinky is Color Club Revvvolution (no top coat). In shade they look kind of close, Beyond the Dark is a bit darker.

But in sunlight they're completely different as the beautiful holo effect of Revvvolutin comes alive. Beyond the Dark lacks the holoness as it's a grey, almost black, with silver shimmer. But both are beautiful anyhow.

Make Up Store Sanna

Here is one polish from my previous haul in action:

This is Sanna by Make Up Store and it's a really nice summery pink shimmer, looks almost a bit duo-chrome-y in some light. It looks pretty but the application wasn't nice. It was very runny and when I put on the first coat I thought that it probably would take too many coats to make it opaque, it was so sheer. But after three coats it was pretty much opaque, so good for that but for my oppinion it was way too runny in such way that it was hard to apply it beautifully.

So this was my first touch with Make Up Store polishes and I have to say I'm not very convinced. I thought that as they cost quite a lot, they would be amazing or at least very good but this was hardly mediocre when it comes to quality. So I won't be buying these for the full prize, maybe when there is somekind of sale I can think about buying one of these again.

Colosé Emotion & Passion

Today I have couple older polishes for you. I have had these for more than two years now and they are still in good shape, I thinned them a bit because they were a bit on the thick side but other than that they were good to go.

So the first one is Emotion by Colosé. It's a very light sheer pink and it's ment to be sheer as it is from the french manicure line. I used only two coats as I didn't want to even try to make it opaque. It's very nice color for a natural look, though the pink in it kind of dissappears here.

The second one is Passion also by Colosé and it's more in the brown/yellow side. It's also quite sheer as it is from the same line as Emotion but it seems to cover a tad more. Also very nice color for neutral look.

I've been shopping again..

I placed an order to Trans Design as soon as I heard that it was possible to use the small flat rate box for shipping again. This was my first order from TD as I was planning on making an order but they changed then the shipping method so I didn't make one until now.

Yeah, I know a bad flash picture, but bare with me.. So on top row from left to right: China Glaze Strawberry Fields, OPI DS Extravagance, Seche Base and Vite. Bottom from left to right: China Glaze Ingrid, Midnight Mission, Boogie, Cowgirl Up, Bad Kitty. So three CG polishes from the new fall collection, some older ones, my first OPI DS polish and base coat & quick dryer.

I also bought couple polishes from Seppälä and Kicks (Finnish stores):

I bought my first Make Up Store polishes Lava and Sanna and also a beauty uk polish called Metallic Lilac. Make Up Store ones were on sale -70%, so I thought I could try them out as they are normally too expensive for my opinion. Beauty uk polish was also on sale and it cost 1 euro, so I had to buy it.. So now I have many new polishes to try out, can't wait!

China Glaze Good Witch?

Here is just a quick post with a China Glaze oldie Good Witch?:

I think this is a pretty, girly color and the glitter makes it more interesting, so I like it very much. Two coats here, with base and top coat, and the VNL is there as you can see, so it could need more coats to be totally opaque, but with this color I don't find it too bad that you can see the nail line.. Little bit hard to remove though because of that glitter, but nothing that you can't handle, especially if you use the foil method.

Eyeko Tea Rose Polish

I bought three Eyeko polishes long time ago and I blogged about two of them here and here is the third one:

It's a very pretty dusty rose, but the application was soooo bad. The polish was so thick there was no way to get it even out nicely. I had to use two coats to get it somewhat smooth and then there was so much polish (as you can't get thin coats with this) that it took forever to dry even with a quick dryer. Also the quick dryer made the polish bubbly. I had all the same problems with another Eyeko polish, Vintage Polish but not with Cosmic Polish, so it's probably because the two of them are creams. Maybe with couple of drops of thinner these could be more easy to work with..

NYX Girls Baby Blue & Lumene Flirty

I bought these NYX Girls polishes ages ago and I have shown you only two of five of them. Today I'm gonna show one more and I also have another color that is quite close to it. But let's take a look first..

Ok, so this is Baby Blue by NYX Girls and it's probably the least favourite of those that I ordered. And not probably, it is, as I like all three of those reds that I chose and Cafe Latte was also quite nice. This certainly isn't, it is too brush-stroke-y for my taste. Also as I've said before, blue isn't my favourite color (not anywhere near) so adding that to the fact that you can see every brush stroke that you've made.. Not good! And this was also quite sheer, I used three coats here.

Somehow I have another polish that is quite close to that not-so-nice Baby Blue. This is Flirty by Lumene Natural Code and I have to say, this beats that Baby Blue like 100-0. Flirty has that nice little silver glitter in it, which I think makes it all better. With that glittery finish you can't see those brush strokes and it also makes the polish more interesting. And more silvery too, which is good if you're not friends with blue..

Lumene is a Finnish brand so you can mainly find these in Finland but there seems to be some stores in other countries that sell it. You can look for more information here.
Those NYX Girls polishes I ordered from Cherry Culture. (Read my post about my haul and some mix-ups here.)