China Glaze Second-Hand Silk

First a update for the cable situation, there's still no cable and believe me, I've looked everywhere, even in places that it most definately wouldn't be. So nothing new there, I think I'll really have go and buy a new one, although I'm not even sure if I can find one as my camera is couple years old and it seems that all the newer Samsungs have different kind of usb cables..

But that's that, now I have a polish to show you!

So this is Second-Hand Silk by China Glaze and it's one of the first China Glaze polishes that I ever purchased and it's one of my favourite pinks also. I have to tell you, I'm kind of fool with these kind of pinks and I would probably have tons of polishes of same shade if I didn't constantly remind myself when I'm shopping polishes that I already have couple of shades like this. Second-Hand silk is perfect for this kind of pink, so I'm not needing any other pinks like this..

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