China Glaze Rasberry Festival

First I have to apologize for my absence. Summer has been kind of crazy for me so far and I don't have had much free time... Also the weather has been so good that I have this feeling I have to be outdoors and not to sit at computer. But I try to blog every now and then and before when it wasn't so pretty outside I did many post and timed them, but somehow they run out before I managed to do more.. So I'm truly sorry for this and I promise to blog more often.

So let's talk about polish then. Today I'm showing you one very summery color and it is from China Glaze's last summer collection.

First picture in shade, last in sun. This is truly a berry color and I really love it as I love rasberries. They are probably my favourite berries and I think this color resembles those just picked rasberries that are soooooo good.

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