Look what I found!

Yep, I found it! That lost little thing is finally found and I can get pictures from my camera to my computer again!

As I told before I looked everywhere for it and didn't find it. Well, yesterday I decided to do a final search as I thought that the cable has to be somewhere as I or anyone else hadn't took it anywhere.. I'm spending my summer in our family's summer house and so all my stuff is in bags and of course I had looked trough all that stuff like ten times. I also looked in every closet and under beds and sofas and so on.. Like from everywhere that it could be to places that it never would be.. And finally I checked out this little old wood chest and found out that there where some other cables and my brother's old laptop etc, so of course my cable had to be there and truly it was eventhough I had not put it in there (I didn't even know what was in there until I opened it). But it wasn't very hard to figure out who had put it there, as I have a that kind of mom who has a habit of "cleaning" all cables and chargers and everything like that. And she does this without knowing what it is that she's cleaning so when I asked (several times) if she had nothing to do with my missing cable situation of course she didn't know anything about it.. Well, now it's found so after all everything's good! (But be sure that I won't let that cable out of sight never again!)

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