Orly Lollipop

You have seen this probably million times already and I have only one crappy picture to show you, but I'm gonna show it anyway.

So this is Lollipo by Orly and it's from the Sweet collection. I'm not a huge fan of cremes but between all those glittery nail polishes it's sometimes nice to wear something that isn't so much out of there. And I think Lollipop is a good choice for days like that. Color like this seemed to be a big hit in last spring so I'm kind of late with this, but I had to have one lilac cream as I didn't have any before this and this a truly nice color, don't you think?

By the way, if you are wondering how the length of my nails keeps changing from long to short and back to long, it's because I had to shorten my nails some time ago and those pictures with CG Atlantis and Second-Hand Silk have been taken after that, but this one I took before that. So I have these kind of short nails right now and I'm going to have to keep them quite short to the end of summer but after that I'm probably gonna let them grow little bit longer like in this picture, if they still are cabable to grow..


  1. Nice application!

    Thanks for the swatch.
    To me it's either not pink enough or not lilac enough. I don't like the in-between-ness.
    But that might be because I like flashy colours, too.

  2. You're right, it's not very flashy, but it's sometimes nice to wear something subtle like this, I think. :)