I'm so frustrated!

So this is just a quick update without any nail pics.. Because I've lost my usb cable for my camera! I can't believe it, I've looked everywhere and it just isn't anywhere! And it makes me soooo angry as now I can't show you all the nice polishes that I have already photographed as those pictures are in my camera and I don't have a way to get them from there to my computer. ARGH! I have maybe two or three different polish pictures that I had moved to my computer before the cable went missing, but it isn't really much.. And really, I don't understand where this freaking cable can be as I've looked everywhere and last time I saw it, it was right there on the table and now it isn't.. Maybe someone from outer space took it!

So anyways I have couple of polishes that I can show you and after that I think I just have to go and buy a new cable.. (And when I do that, the missing one will immediately turn up, don't you think?) But that's that, I'll try to give you a real post with some pictures tomorrow, now I'm just too tired of looking that &%#¤%/ cable!


  1. It will turn up in a really stupid place in a couple of days!

  2. Ugh, this has happened to me so many times! I had to end up buying a card reader from bestbuy or target. I think it was like $15 but it's great because I just stick my memory card in that bad boy and load it onto my computer.

    and yes, once you buy a new one it will always turn up! has happened to me with the charger too grr!

  3. You were right, it did turn up! :)