China Glaze haul

China Glaze is probably my favourite brand of nail polish and I wanted to have more of them so I placed an order to 8ty8beauty.

So here are my new babies ( :D ), can't wait to try them on.. My order also a Seche Restore polish thinner but I didn't take a picture of it as it isn't very interesting to look at.

So what do you think, is this a good haul or not? :)


  1. good haul, for sure!
    I placed an order with TransDesign last week, and I ordered re-freshmint and lemon fizz. I wanted atlantis, but I couldnt find it on the transdesign website. Could you swatch atlantis?

  2. I actually swatched Atlantis already, but haven't yet posted it. I'll post it for today. :)