China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint

What?!? Yet another cream?? I must be sick or something.. Well, not really, somehow I managed to pack almost nothing but creams to my long visit to our summer place, so as long as I'm here I'm stuck with what I got. But I'll manage, as this (like the others too) is really nice color, don't you think?

Yes yes, I know, you've all seen this so many times already, but I'm little slow so bare with me.. :) All those minty colour were so huge just a little while ago so of course I had to have at least one, so I ordered Re-Fresh Mint by China Glaze. I really like the color, it's so... well.. fresh! And the application was nice, two coats and it went on easily, so nothing to complain here. Goes well with tanned skin but this could be also kind of cool to wear in a cold winter day. But it's summer now and we truly have to enjoy it while it lasts!

Orly Lollipop

You have seen this probably million times already and I have only one crappy picture to show you, but I'm gonna show it anyway.

So this is Lollipo by Orly and it's from the Sweet collection. I'm not a huge fan of cremes but between all those glittery nail polishes it's sometimes nice to wear something that isn't so much out of there. And I think Lollipop is a good choice for days like that. Color like this seemed to be a big hit in last spring so I'm kind of late with this, but I had to have one lilac cream as I didn't have any before this and this a truly nice color, don't you think?

By the way, if you are wondering how the length of my nails keeps changing from long to short and back to long, it's because I had to shorten my nails some time ago and those pictures with CG Atlantis and Second-Hand Silk have been taken after that, but this one I took before that. So I have these kind of short nails right now and I'm going to have to keep them quite short to the end of summer but after that I'm probably gonna let them grow little bit longer like in this picture, if they still are cabable to grow..

Look what I found!

Yep, I found it! That lost little thing is finally found and I can get pictures from my camera to my computer again!

As I told before I looked everywhere for it and didn't find it. Well, yesterday I decided to do a final search as I thought that the cable has to be somewhere as I or anyone else hadn't took it anywhere.. I'm spending my summer in our family's summer house and so all my stuff is in bags and of course I had looked trough all that stuff like ten times. I also looked in every closet and under beds and sofas and so on.. Like from everywhere that it could be to places that it never would be.. And finally I checked out this little old wood chest and found out that there where some other cables and my brother's old laptop etc, so of course my cable had to be there and truly it was eventhough I had not put it in there (I didn't even know what was in there until I opened it). But it wasn't very hard to figure out who had put it there, as I have a that kind of mom who has a habit of "cleaning" all cables and chargers and everything like that. And she does this without knowing what it is that she's cleaning so when I asked (several times) if she had nothing to do with my missing cable situation of course she didn't know anything about it.. Well, now it's found so after all everything's good! (But be sure that I won't let that cable out of sight never again!)

China Glaze Second-Hand Silk

First a update for the cable situation, there's still no cable and believe me, I've looked everywhere, even in places that it most definately wouldn't be. So nothing new there, I think I'll really have go and buy a new one, although I'm not even sure if I can find one as my camera is couple years old and it seems that all the newer Samsungs have different kind of usb cables..

But that's that, now I have a polish to show you!

So this is Second-Hand Silk by China Glaze and it's one of the first China Glaze polishes that I ever purchased and it's one of my favourite pinks also. I have to tell you, I'm kind of fool with these kind of pinks and I would probably have tons of polishes of same shade if I didn't constantly remind myself when I'm shopping polishes that I already have couple of shades like this. Second-Hand silk is perfect for this kind of pink, so I'm not needing any other pinks like this..

I'm so frustrated!

So this is just a quick update without any nail pics.. Because I've lost my usb cable for my camera! I can't believe it, I've looked everywhere and it just isn't anywhere! And it makes me soooo angry as now I can't show you all the nice polishes that I have already photographed as those pictures are in my camera and I don't have a way to get them from there to my computer. ARGH! I have maybe two or three different polish pictures that I had moved to my computer before the cable went missing, but it isn't really much.. And really, I don't understand where this freaking cable can be as I've looked everywhere and last time I saw it, it was right there on the table and now it isn't.. Maybe someone from outer space took it!

So anyways I have couple of polishes that I can show you and after that I think I just have to go and buy a new cable.. (And when I do that, the missing one will immediately turn up, don't you think?) But that's that, I'll try to give you a real post with some pictures tomorrow, now I'm just too tired of looking that &%#¤%/ cable!

China Glaze Atlantis

First polish that I'm going to show you from my last China Glaze haul is that glittery beauty Atlantis. I haven't yet found a glittery nail polish that I don't like so it's no wonder I'm fond of Atlantis too.

Last picture in shade, others in sunlight. I painted Atlantis over Re-fresh mint (which I'm going to show you later) as I've read that these CG glitter polishes need several coats to get them look nice. I used one coat of Re-fresh mint and two coats of Atlantis, no base or top coat here. Looks nice, doesn't it? And I think it's a very good addition to my polish collection as I own nothing like this.

China Glaze haul

China Glaze is probably my favourite brand of nail polish and I wanted to have more of them so I placed an order to 8ty8beauty.

So here are my new babies ( :D ), can't wait to try them on.. My order also a Seche Restore polish thinner but I didn't take a picture of it as it isn't very interesting to look at.

So what do you think, is this a good haul or not? :)

China Glaze Rasberry Festival

First I have to apologize for my absence. Summer has been kind of crazy for me so far and I don't have had much free time... Also the weather has been so good that I have this feeling I have to be outdoors and not to sit at computer. But I try to blog every now and then and before when it wasn't so pretty outside I did many post and timed them, but somehow they run out before I managed to do more.. So I'm truly sorry for this and I promise to blog more often.

So let's talk about polish then. Today I'm showing you one very summery color and it is from China Glaze's last summer collection.

First picture in shade, last in sun. This is truly a berry color and I really love it as I love rasberries. They are probably my favourite berries and I think this color resembles those just picked rasberries that are soooooo good.