Old and dull

I had this mani a long time ago, but never posted it, because I thought that these pics were so bad. They are a bit blurry and I even managed to ruin the lacquer in the middle finger as you can see.. So I was planning to do these pics all over, but I never seem to have time nor patience to do it, because I have so many other polishes to try. And I even didn't like this color so much, I think it's a bit too warm or something.. And I have other polishes of same color that I like more, like that Urban Decay Asphyxia, which I think has quite the same base color but it has much nicer finish and looks awesome as this Depend one is only dull.

So this is Depend number 29 (I just hate hate hate that they don't have names!). I really don't remember how many coats this is, sorry about that.. But just look at it! In addition to its dullnes you can see all the brush strokes so clearly I really don't like this one. Well, at least it's a really small bottle so I can easily use it up under some other color or something like that..

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  1. I love this color, wonder if there is a webpage for ordering them.