Color Club Magic Attraction

So here is another one of those Color Club polishes I purchased lately and I love this maybe even a bit more than that Fashion Addict which I showed you before. I loooove everything sparkly and shiny (on my nails) and Magic Attraction definately has sparkle in it.

First picture outside with sunlight and second one indoors. Sorry about that the pictures are a bit blurry.. I think my camera got an overdose of all that glitter and wouldn't focus on it.. Anyway, I used only two coats of Magic Attraction because I topped it over that Fashion Addict. I think it probably needs atleast three coats when it's used by itself.

Color Club Fashion Addict

As I told before (in my haul post) I purchased my first Color Club polishes just lately and so this is the first one I've ever tried on of this brand. I have to say I'm very pleased, I love the color, application was nice, price is quite right (when purchased online) and there's absolutely nothing to complain about. So I think I'm going to have to get more of these..

Just look at that holo beauty! This is two coats of Fashion Addict with a top coat (to make the holo effect just a bit more amazing). I just have to say that I'm in love with holos (at least all those two that I have tried) especially now that the sun is shining so brightly. I just can't stop stearing at my nails..

Old and dull

I had this mani a long time ago, but never posted it, because I thought that these pics were so bad. They are a bit blurry and I even managed to ruin the lacquer in the middle finger as you can see.. So I was planning to do these pics all over, but I never seem to have time nor patience to do it, because I have so many other polishes to try. And I even didn't like this color so much, I think it's a bit too warm or something.. And I have other polishes of same color that I like more, like that Urban Decay Asphyxia, which I think has quite the same base color but it has much nicer finish and looks awesome as this Depend one is only dull.

So this is Depend number 29 (I just hate hate hate that they don't have names!). I really don't remember how many coats this is, sorry about that.. But just look at it! In addition to its dullnes you can see all the brush strokes so clearly I really don't like this one. Well, at least it's a really small bottle so I can easily use it up under some other color or something like that..

Lumene Queen of the Night with GOSH Rainbow

I finally got my hand on GOSH Rainbow! I been looking for it for some time now as it was always out of stock on my local store but finally I found it and got it -15% of so I was really happy. So of course now I have to apply it over every polish I use to see how it looks with different colors. I thought that this combination with Lumene Queen of the Night was really nice so I wanted to share it with you, so take a look:

Those flakies go from red to gold to green and it's so gorgeous!

After wearing Queen of the Night and Rainbow together for a while I had to see how it would look with Matte Magic. And it does look good. I couldn't decide if I liked it more with or without Matte Magic but either way I just love it.


I did these nails couple of weeks ago and I really liked them, although I thought that they reminded me of winter somehow..

I used (from top to bottom) NYX Girls Baby Blue, Lumene Natural Code Flirt and Royal number 93. It looks quite pale in the pictures, but I thought that those tips were more blue IRL.


Here are two giveaways:

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Royal Cosmetic Connections #92

This is one of those Royal polishes that I bought some time ago, they only have numbers and this is number 92. I have three coats here, would have needed more to make it opaque.. But I have to say I really like this one, it has this foil looking finish and I don't have any other polish like that. I think it went on nicely and it was quite easy to remove also so I'll be wearing this again sometime.

NYX Girls Cafe Latte

I'm apparently really slow trying these NYX Girls polishes as I have had these for a month now. Well, I'm gonna show them all eventually but here is atleast one of them.

So this one is called Cafe Latte and I think it's somewhat perfect nude polish for me. I wasn't really looking for one and I ordered this just because I had room for one more polish in my order and almost everything else was out of stock... But I'm really glad that I have this, it was fun to wear something this nude between all those glittery and colorful polishes. Have to say that it looks bit more brownish IRL than in these pics, but that's only good I think. I have three coats here and it went on easily though I really don't like the brush, it's too narrow.

Head2Toe haul

I wanted to try some Orly and Color Club polishes so I ordered them from Head2Toe. This was my first order from there and I think everything went well. It took smewhat two weeks for the polishes to arrive and they were packed very well and everything arrived as it should have. It's too bad they don't ship China Glazes here anymore..

I know I'm so late with these as everyone has seen them so many times already, but I had to have them too as they looked so nice on everyone else. These are Lollipop and Gumdrop, and how cute are those mini lipglosses?!

And then Color Club: Fashion Addict, Magic Attraction, Revvvolution. As those Orlys were cremes I had to have something sparkly, so two holos and one amazing glitter polish. Can't wait to try these!

And last but not least I have to show you this amazing sunset pic that I took yesterday. Isn't it gorgeous?