Two Eyekos

I've managed to try two out of three of those Eyeko polishes I purchased lately. I will show you the third one as soon as I get to it... But here are the others:

This one was probably the one that I wanted most and have to say the color is great! This is called Vintage Polish and I think the name suits perfectly, even my boyfriend said that color looked like some old car color. :))

Application wasn't so great, I have two coats here with a quick dryer and it still dryed forever. Also I managed to get it bubbly, I think it was because I put on handcream too quickly as I though the polish was dry already and it wasn't. As I said I really loved this color so I have to try this again and I hope it'll apply smoothly this time. Even my hairdresser liked this color so it has to be good, right?

I also tried this Cosmic polish. It was much easier to apply and this is only one coat! I really like this color with those rainbow glitter, although it was a hard one to capture with my camera. This isn't very summery color but it'll suit perfectly for fall or winter nails.

Here is Cosmic Polish with Royal Cosmetic Connections number 19 on top. I wanted to add a little bit more bling and this certainly did it, although those rainbow glitters of Cosmic Polish disappeared a bit after adding that Royal polish.


  1. Hi Annie,
    Those are some lovely polishes. You have gorgeous nails! :)

    Ps contact nail blogger and she will post that you are a new blogger this way you will get more followers. HTH

  2. Thanks!

    Good to know, it'll be nice to have some more readers for sure. :)

  3. I love the Vintage Polish color.