Sunflowers or maybe banana chocolate

I tried water marbling for second time. I had this idea on my mind that I could try to do something summery and I thought of sunflowers. Well, I don't have anything green, not even close so I went with brown and yellow.

Of course they didn't come out as I planned, I would have needed that green to make it look like those sunflowers that I was aiming for. As I was finished with this desing it immediately reminded me of something etable with bananas and chocolate like ice cream or milkshake. And I have to tell you, I would hate something like that, I really looooove chocolate (who doesn't) but can't stand anything with bananas. I do eat bananas by them selves but not in any food what so ever. So you can imagine I didn't wear this mani very long.. But have to try this again sometime, although I do need to get my hands on some green polish before that..

Here is the right thumb as this was the one I probably liked most. Oh, I almost forgot, I used China Glaze Delight and that mini Golden Rose number 164, which I showed you already.


  1. I love the combination! Very pretty. That's funny that you removed the polish because of your dislike of bananas and chocolate!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it was funny but I just couldn't help the feeling I got everytime I looked at my nails..