NYX Girls Haul

Some reds (from left to right): Doll Pink, Margarita, Red Pearl

Baby Blue and Cafe Latte

All of them
I ordered these from Cherry Culture. Bottles of these polishes are apparently changing and so Cherry Culture is selling these $1,50 each and there is also this offer "buy 2 get one free", so they cost next to nothing.

So why do I have only five polishes here insted of six as I should have? Well, as they were this cheap, I had trouble even finding six polishes that weren't out of stock. I ordered in addition to these five this one color called "Sweetie" but it never showed up, instead I got another of those Baby Blues. So I emailed Cherry Culture asking where my Sweetie was and the answer was that it was out of stock and they had replaced it with the second Baby Blue. That's apparently possible if something is out of stock and that's fine, but I'm little bit dissapointed that they replaced it with one of those that I already ordered. I really don't need two polishes of the same color, I don't even like blue that much. So it would have been nice to get some other color or they could have asked me to choose something myself to replace that out-of-stock-one. But no, you can't win all the time, right?

Well that's that, have to say thought that they answered real quickly to my emails, so that was good at least. I'm just little sad that I didn't get another great color in addition to these, because all of these that I got look nice.

So ofcourse I had to try one of these on and I chose Margarita, because it looked like fun summery color. And it surely is, just look at it!

I really liked this one a lot, it's bright and shiny, very summery I think. This would look nice in pedicure too. In these pictures I have (if I remember right) three coats of Margarita with two coats of base coat and one coat of top coat. If you are wondering that thing in my middle finger, it's a patch made from tea bag. Yeah, that's right, I broke my nail just after I started this blog, how convenient. Well, I'm not going to clip my nails of, that's for sure (don't know how to be with short nails) so I'm stuck with that patch. Try to ignore it for awhile..

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