Grey as the weather today

Sorry about these pics in this post, they are really really bad. My camera wouldn't focus on this (maybe because of the glitter) no matter how much I tried and finally I thought I had some decent pictures but when I uploaded them to computer, they were really bad. And that point I had already removed this mani, so I have to use these lousy images (and blogger doesn't help either, it makes them even worse.) Try to bear with me..

I have seen some great grey manis recently and I wanted to try it myself so I bought this Depend number 170. I thought it would be perfect but it was really too much on the blue side for me, so I didn't want to wear this color alone. I sponged some Depend number 105 over the grey and put on stickers on ring fingers. As you can see I didn't even manage to take picture of 170 alone, sorry about that too, but you can somewhat see the color from these pics.

Again, sorry about these lousy pics, I'll try to take better ones for now on.

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