Sunflowers or maybe banana chocolate

I tried water marbling for second time. I had this idea on my mind that I could try to do something summery and I thought of sunflowers. Well, I don't have anything green, not even close so I went with brown and yellow.

Of course they didn't come out as I planned, I would have needed that green to make it look like those sunflowers that I was aiming for. As I was finished with this desing it immediately reminded me of something etable with bananas and chocolate like ice cream or milkshake. And I have to tell you, I would hate something like that, I really looooove chocolate (who doesn't) but can't stand anything with bananas. I do eat bananas by them selves but not in any food what so ever. So you can imagine I didn't wear this mani very long.. But have to try this again sometime, although I do need to get my hands on some green polish before that..

Here is the right thumb as this was the one I probably liked most. Oh, I almost forgot, I used China Glaze Delight and that mini Golden Rose number 164, which I showed you already.

Taking care of my cuticles

I thought I'd share my favourite product for cuticles, it's Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. I'm sure some of you are already familiar with this product but I wanted to show it anyway. If you (like me) don't like those oily cuticle products this is something I think you should try. It moisturises very well without making your fingers look oily all day and smells so good (I love everything lemon scented). And the package is also so cute and very easy to take with you no matter where you go.

I have to say though that I haven't tried that Lush's Lemony Flutter that everyone seems to love, so maybe I'll have to give it a try someday, but for now I'm happy with this. It makes my cuticles happy..

Grey as the weather today

Sorry about these pics in this post, they are really really bad. My camera wouldn't focus on this (maybe because of the glitter) no matter how much I tried and finally I thought I had some decent pictures but when I uploaded them to computer, they were really bad. And that point I had already removed this mani, so I have to use these lousy images (and blogger doesn't help either, it makes them even worse.) Try to bear with me..

I have seen some great grey manis recently and I wanted to try it myself so I bought this Depend number 170. I thought it would be perfect but it was really too much on the blue side for me, so I didn't want to wear this color alone. I sponged some Depend number 105 over the grey and put on stickers on ring fingers. As you can see I didn't even manage to take picture of 170 alone, sorry about that too, but you can somewhat see the color from these pics.

Again, sorry about these lousy pics, I'll try to take better ones for now on.

Two Eyekos

I've managed to try two out of three of those Eyeko polishes I purchased lately. I will show you the third one as soon as I get to it... But here are the others:

This one was probably the one that I wanted most and have to say the color is great! This is called Vintage Polish and I think the name suits perfectly, even my boyfriend said that color looked like some old car color. :))

Application wasn't so great, I have two coats here with a quick dryer and it still dryed forever. Also I managed to get it bubbly, I think it was because I put on handcream too quickly as I though the polish was dry already and it wasn't. As I said I really loved this color so I have to try this again and I hope it'll apply smoothly this time. Even my hairdresser liked this color so it has to be good, right?

I also tried this Cosmic polish. It was much easier to apply and this is only one coat! I really like this color with those rainbow glitter, although it was a hard one to capture with my camera. This isn't very summery color but it'll suit perfectly for fall or winter nails.

Here is Cosmic Polish with Royal Cosmetic Connections number 19 on top. I wanted to add a little bit more bling and this certainly did it, although those rainbow glitters of Cosmic Polish disappeared a bit after adding that Royal polish.

OPI Kinky in Helsinki

Would you believe if I said that I only have one OPI polish? Well it's true, mainly because they are so expensive here and I discovered all those etailers just lately and didn't get to ordering OPIs before it was too late. Too bad, but at least there are still other great brands available and I think I'm more into China Glaze anyway.

Have to say though that I'm really glad I own this Kinky in Helsinki. The name is great (obviously) but I really love the color too!

(Direct sunlight)

It is really hard to capture the right color and I think you have all probably seen this already. I think it looks too red in these pictures, it's really more magenta, I think. This was two coats and with top coat and it was really easy to apply as it probably is always with OPIs.

I also did these flowers on top of Kinky in Helsinki with China Glaze Second-Hand Silk using a toothpick. They don't look so pretty in this close up picture but at least from a distance they looked kind of nice.

Couple hauls

I have seen these Eyeko polishes in many blogs so of course I had to order couple of them to myself so that I could try them too. I ordered Vintage Polish, Tea Rose Polish and Cosmic Polish. I have to say I really love the fact that Eyeko has free delivery to Europe, because I hate to pay those postages all the time. There was also this rasperry lip balm called "Fat Balm" for free when you ordered for certain amount and it's always fun when you get something for free, right? I forgot to put it in the picture tough..

These glitter polishes I found from Seppälä (again! I don't normally even shop there, but nowadays thay have all these polishes...) and they were all in package together. They are Royal Cosmetic Connections polishes and apparently the company is from England (or at least it says so on the bottom) but I've never heard of it. These don't have names, only numbers, so from left to right 19, 93, 92, 79. I think 92 will work alone very well, the others are probably better over some other polish.

Wet n Wild Burgundy Frost

I found this Wet n Wild Wild Shine polish called Burgundy Frost from sale for 1€. I was really happy about this finding, because the color is so gorgeous and it looks even better on nail than in the bottle.

I used only two coats of this polish, almost got away with one, so this is very pigmented. No base or topcoat on this one. I just love this burgundy red color and this has also this nice shimmer, so as I said, I'm very happy with my purchase. I think I may have to try some other polishes of this brand as this one was so nice.

NYX Girls Haul

Some reds (from left to right): Doll Pink, Margarita, Red Pearl

Baby Blue and Cafe Latte

All of them
I ordered these from Cherry Culture. Bottles of these polishes are apparently changing and so Cherry Culture is selling these $1,50 each and there is also this offer "buy 2 get one free", so they cost next to nothing.

So why do I have only five polishes here insted of six as I should have? Well, as they were this cheap, I had trouble even finding six polishes that weren't out of stock. I ordered in addition to these five this one color called "Sweetie" but it never showed up, instead I got another of those Baby Blues. So I emailed Cherry Culture asking where my Sweetie was and the answer was that it was out of stock and they had replaced it with the second Baby Blue. That's apparently possible if something is out of stock and that's fine, but I'm little bit dissapointed that they replaced it with one of those that I already ordered. I really don't need two polishes of the same color, I don't even like blue that much. So it would have been nice to get some other color or they could have asked me to choose something myself to replace that out-of-stock-one. But no, you can't win all the time, right?

Well that's that, have to say thought that they answered real quickly to my emails, so that was good at least. I'm just little sad that I didn't get another great color in addition to these, because all of these that I got look nice.

So ofcourse I had to try one of these on and I chose Margarita, because it looked like fun summery color. And it surely is, just look at it!

I really liked this one a lot, it's bright and shiny, very summery I think. This would look nice in pedicure too. In these pictures I have (if I remember right) three coats of Margarita with two coats of base coat and one coat of top coat. If you are wondering that thing in my middle finger, it's a patch made from tea bag. Yeah, that's right, I broke my nail just after I started this blog, how convenient. Well, I'm not going to clip my nails of, that's for sure (don't know how to be with short nails) so I'm stuck with that patch. Try to ignore it for awhile..

Matte BFF

I didn't show this with my original post about China Glaze BFF because I thought this deserves a look by it self. Yes, I'm talking about BFF with China Glaze Matte Magic. BFF is so pretty by it self and I really love, but I think matteing makes it quite unique color, just look at it!

That holographic look stays kind of in the backround and shows in bright light but indoors it looks somewhat like brushed steel or something. I think it so cool and I have to always do BFF matte after wearing it by it self for couple of days. And who wouldn't love that little Matte Magic bottle, it's so cute!

Serpentine on nails

Iloista Vappua! Happy 1st of May! Vappu is a great selebration here in Finland and balloons and serpentines are traditional decorations for the celebration. Wikipedia says this about Vappu:

In Finland, Walpurgis day (Vappu) is, along with New Year's Eve and Juhannus, the biggest carnival-style festival held in the streets of Finland's towns and cities. The celebration, which begins on the evening of April 30 and continues to May 1, typically centres on copious consumption of sparkling wine and other alcoholic beverages."
(Read more:

So I wanted to do something bright and happy for my nails because of Vappu and I decided to try water marbling. I was pretty happy with the outcome considering it was my first try with water marbling. They could be better but at least this is bright and happy as I wanted..

I used China Glaze Sneaker Head and Passion and also Wild and Crazy Yenis. I started with one coat of top coat, then I used one coat of Sneaker Head as I wanted it to be stronger than it would be if I'd only used it in water marbling. I topped the hole thing with two coats of Mavala Mavadry.

I was struggling quite a bit with the polishes that would work for water marbling. Some of the polishes dissappeared when dropping them to water, some sank in to the bottom and some were too sheer etc. I ended up with those above, but even they weren't perfect. Passion worked quite well but as I said before Sneaker Head was quite sheer and as you can probably see Yenis was also bit too sheer. So do anyone have good tips of polishes that would work with marbling? I'm certainly going to try it again sometime. (There is btw many good videos on Youtube about water marbling if you need instructions.)