First but not last

Today I'm showing you a China Glaze polish, which was my first one of this brand. It's China Glaze Pure Elegance and I bought it somewhat six months ago and loved it. I was so suprised that a nail polish could last so many days looking just fine! Before I had used mainly a Finnish brand called Lumene and China Glaze was so much better, so of course I had to order some CG polishes from Internet (because they cost here almost 10€). But this Pure Elegance will always be loved, because it is the first one and it's also a very pretty color, don't you think?

The last picture is taken with flash, because I'm trying to show you the pretty shimmer that the polish has. This is quite sheer color, I'm wearing two coats and you can still see the nail line. But I like it, because it's different depending how many coats you have, but it's also always pretty. I think it's a great pink shade and I'm certainly happy that I bought it!

Suitable for cottage week

Last week I was visiting our family cottage in Kuusamo with my boyfriend. So for that I wanted to paint my nails with something neutral and simple but still pretty. I chose Wild and Crazy nail polish with color Yenis, which is kind of soft pink with shimmer. On nail it looks almost white, but I think it was good neutral color and with top coat it lasted trough the hole week looking pretty good. It chipped little bit towards the end, but it didn't bother me that much as the color was so neutral the chipping didn't show that much.

This first picture is taken in the sun. It was quite hard to photograph this color..

This was my first Wild and Crazy polish and I think it was just fine as I didn't cost so much. In Finland you can buy these from Seppälä at 2,95€. It was easy to apply but it was quite sheer. I have three coats in the picture and you can still see the nail line, so maybe you could need fourth one.

Here is a indoor picture to show you the shimmer.

And btw I have now one official follower! Thank you Hozuli. :)

One of my new best friends

China Glaze BFF from the OMG-collection is one of my favourite polishes so I'm starting with it. I think this polish is so amazing, I just can't stop staring at it when I have it on my nails. You've surely seen many of pictures of this and other polishes from this collection but I still wanted to show you it.

I'm wearing two coats of OPI Nail Envy Matte as base coat, two coats of BFF and to top it of, one coat of Mavala Mavadry. These holo polishes dry a bit matte, so if you like them to be shiny, you'll need a top coat.

Just look at it! So shiny and colorful, I love it!