Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Giveaway Reminder!

Hi guys! I just wanted to quickly remind you that you have still little over one week left to participate on my Born Pretty Store stamping plates giveaway. If you're in need for some new and cool stamping plates, be sure to enter before it's too late! Click here to learn more and enter, or click the picture. The giveaway ends December 4th.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nail Polish Battle: OPI Girls Love Ponies vs. Hey Baby

The Nail Polish Battle series continue, this time the battle is between two OPI pinks - Girls Love Ponies and Hey Baby. Girls Love Ponies is from OPI Mustang collection and Hey Baby is from Gwen Stefani collection. I've been wanting to do a comparison and battle of these two for so long, but I don't own Hey Baby and I really didn't want to buy just for this. Mirka from Nerdic Nails however owns it and she was kind enough and let me borrow it for a while, so I finally had the chance to see my self how similar these two really are.

They sure look quite similar in the bottles!
On nail there is a slight difference, but they really are quite close colorwise. Hey Baby is little bit lighter than Girls Love Ponies and it is also just slightly warmer toned than GLP. The difference is so small that if you don't look too closely, you might think they are the same polish.

These are quite similar quality and formula-wise too, they both need two coats for full coverage and they are really easy to apply. Hey Baby might be just a tad more sheer as I felt like it was in the borderline if it could have needed thin third coat. Girls Love Ponies is somewhat at the other end in the two coat range as it almost coveres with only one coat, but it really needs second one to be fully opaque. I have two coats of both here, no base or top coat. They both have beautiful shine alone even without top coat and they both also level out nicely.

This is really beautiful shade of pink and Girls Love Ponies is one of my favorite pinks, so one of these is certainly a must have! However, I'm pretty sure you won't need both since they are so close.

Final verdict: Pick one or the other and I'm sure you'll be happy with it. I'm going to stick with Girls Love Ponies since that's the one I own and that Mustand cap is so cool, I love it!

Do you guys own either one of these pink beauties?

Monday, November 24, 2014

#ablecaw14 Week 11: Black & White

Another week, another #ablecaw14 manicure! I can't believe we have only so few weeks left of this challenge, at least there are still some pretty great themes ahead. This week the two themes are Winter Wonderland and Black & White, and I decided to do the black and white first.

I've had this idea for this black and white manicure for quite a while and finally got to do it. I'm not 100 percent sure if I got this totally right, but at least I tried... I think it might not be too obvious, but my inspiration for this manicure was a kind of marble floor tiles, obviously black and white marble floor tiles. That's why I have those squares going on on my middle and ring fingers. I should have made the contrast a bit bigger between those different "tiles", but I liked this manicure quite a bit anyhow.

I used OPI Anglen With a Leadfoot as my white polish and Essie Licorice as my black. I first painted one coat with the white and let that dry. Then I did a second white coat and when it was still wet I added couple drops of the black polish and did the marble look with a technique that was kind of a mix between watercolor nails technique and saran wrap technique. I also added some metal nail art studs on my thumb, index and pinky nails. When my middle and ring finger nails were completely dry I taped them with nail vinyls and did another marble those two squares on each nail.

I don't really do black and white manicures too often, so this was really refreshing. It's very cool look, I should use it more!

How about you guys, do you like black and white nails or nail art? 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Polishers Inc. - Recreate an Oldie

It's time for my second Polishers Inc manicure - if you are not yet familiar with Polishers Inc, check out my previous post about it here. We have also another talented blogger joining our group today, welcome Lise from Polished Elegance!

The theme today was recreate an oldie and I really love this theme! I wanted to redo some nail art that I did when I first started this blog back in 2010, and here's what I came up with:
Dotting tool flowers were on of the first nail art that I ever tried. I wanted to keep this manicure quite simple and keep those flowers in the main role. I also wanted to use the same polish that I used then, OPI Kinky In Helsinki, so that is my base color. I wanted to add some sparkle, so I did a simple gradient with OPI Let Me Entertain You on the tips of my nails. I did the flowers and the dots with OPI Angel With a Leadfoot and the centers of the flowers are done with My Voice Is a Little Norse, from OPI also.

This was really a fun theme, it's not always so easy to see how far you have came from when you started. I have kept all my posts here in my blog and haven't really deleted any eventhough the pictures are so very awful. I think it's still nice to have them around and they are really a good reminder that maybe I have also learned something... :)

Actually, those dotting tool flowers back in 2010 were the first ones that I ever did and I didn't try them again before this recreation manicure. They are so very easy to do and they do look quite fun, at least from a little distance. In the close-up pictures they can look a bit messy, but oh well, I still liked this manicure very much.

We actually have a similar theme coming up later in our Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge too and I'm really happy about that, because this was so much fun!

Have you guys recreated any nail art from your past?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cirque Burlesque Collection Swatches and Review

Provided for review*

As I told you yesterday, I just recently got the whole Cirque Burlesque collection for review (oh my!) and today I have my swatches of all the polishes to share with you guys! If I haven't seen my water marbling nail art with these polishes yet, be sure to check out yesterday's post too.

This Burlesque collection consists of four linear holograhpic polishes that all have gorgeous dark jeweled tone. These do have quite strong holographic effect (not too strong to lose the color of the polish), however I had to do my swatches in my light box as usual and since I haven't seen the sun for something like over a month now, I don't really have any sunlight holographic pictures to show you. These are so gorgeous colors that I still wanted to share them with you as soon as possible and they do look really stunning even with little less holographic effect going on, and that's pretty much how they look in shade/in indoor lighting anyhow. Hopefully the sun will show up at some point here too and I'll be able to share some sunshine swatches of these too.

Boudoir is a vampy burgundy with a rainbow holographic finish.

This is such a beautiful tone, just stunning! Though to me the color is more like reddened grape purple than vampy burgundy, but anyhow it's gorgeous. I have two easy coats here, no base or top coat.

Harlow is an antique gold with a rainbow holographic finish.

This one has such a unique tone of gold, it leans a bit towards green. It's certainly a beauty and quite unique one. I have two easy coats here too, this time with base coat since I was wearing this as a full manicure.

Josephine is a blackened green with a rainbow holographic finish.

This is such a beautiful forest green shade! I'm not the biggest fan of strong green tones, but this is just so stunning, I love it! I'm pretty sure I don't have anything quite like this either. This is once again two easy coats, no base or top coat.

Trocadero is a navy blue with a rainbow holographic finish.

Oh my, it's impossible to choose a favorite out of these four, these just keep getting better and better! I'm surely in love with this beautiful blue too, it's really such a perfect shade. Also I've been lemming for OPI DS Glamour for so long, this could just be the perfect substitute for it. Of course they are not totally dupes, but close enough if you ask me. And as you probably guessed already, I have two easy coats here, no base or top coat.

These all share the same awesome quality, all of them needed only two coats for full coverage. They don't require any type of special base coat under them, they apply just fine on bare nail and over regular base coat, and I of course recommend using a base coat under these as with any other polish. I do own quite a few holographic polishes already, but somehow these feel pretty unique to me with their vivid deep jeweled tones. They all have also amazing quality and formula and I think they are all well worth of having. It's impossible to me to choose any favorites, I love all four!

The Burlesque Collection from Cirque is already now at Cirque and each polish retails for $13. You can also click here for a list of stockists, there are plenty!

You can also connect with Cirque Colors on Facebook and Instagram.

Which one of these is your favorite?

I have gotten all the Cirque polishes for review. For more information view my disclosure policy.
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