Sunday, April 19, 2015

Polishers Inc. - Negative Space

Yay, once again it's Polishers Inc. Sunday and we have great news also as we have a new talented member joining us! Simona from Light Your Nails! is joining us today, so now we have one Italian member also, how exciting! Quite a few exclamation marks, I know! :D

Today's theme is Negative Space and this time I wanted to do quite simple negative space design as I haven't really done any basic negative space nail art before.

First I used one coat of Sally Hansen Nail Rehab as my base coat. It's a good choice under negative space nail art since it gives your nails quite nice and natural color, it's like your nails but better. Then I taped my nails with some small single chevron nail vinyls and painted my nails with one generous coat of Deborah Lippmann Rolling in the Deep and then removed the vinyls. The one thick coat of RitD seemed to be enough, but under the bright lights it looks like I should have applied even more polish. 

For my accent nails I used first two coats of the same Deborah Lippmann polish. Then I topped it with one coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust and added quite a few nail studs trying to make it look like a bow. I got the idea for the bow from Anni from Yellow Nails. I really loved her mani with the bow rhinestone accent, so I decided to try something similar with nail studs. I think it looks pretty great either way and I surely will do this with some rhinestones in the future too.

This was my first time using Rolling in the Deep and I have to say I was a bit disappointed with it. It has that gorgeous subtle shimmer in it but it doesn't show up on nail at all. Also, it stained quite a bit which wasn't really a nice surprise when I removed the polish. Thankfully I managed to fix the situation (blue nails and blue skin) with some whitening toothpaste, but I would really prefer a polish not to stain my nails. Oh well, at least I liked the manicure and especially that bow accent. Definitely going to do that again at some point!

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Polishes: Deborah Lippmann Rolling in the Deep, China Glaze Fairy Dust
Top coat: Glisten&Glow HK Girl
Decorations: nail vinyls, nail studs

As always, remember to check out all the other Polishers Inc. manicures also!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

#ablecs15 Week 10: Rainy Day

I have my second #ablecs15 week 10 manicure to share with you today! The theme for this one is Rainy Day and at first I had this idea that I'd do something bright and fun for the theme since that's probably something I'd do if I was painting my nails on a rainy day. But then I thought that I have never tried the cloud design by Nailside and I have always wanted to try it, so this was really the perfect theme for the look. I'm pretty sure you all have tried this already since this style was everywhere at some point, so I'm a bit late with this one, but better later than never.

As the theme was Rainy Day, I wanted to use some blues and greys for this look to make the mani suit to the theme. Of course this would look cool with some bright colors also or pretty much anything. I also wanted to use polishes with different finishes, so I chose one creme, one shimmer and one textured polish. I used my go-to grey creme, Essie Maximillian Strasse Her as my base color. I used two coats of it and then I did the first 'cloud' with Powder Perfect Hidden Well. Then I applied a coat of top coat and waited it to dry a bit. Finally I did the second 'cloud' with Kiko Sugar Mat Light Taupe (455). 

The design was fairly easy to do, thought I didn't get my clouds as round looking as I wanted. I should have probably chosen some polishes that have a bit smaller brush or at least a flat brush. Both Powder Perfect and Kiko have quite thick brush, so they weren't really the perfect choice for this look, but at least I still managed to just about do the design.

I surely will be doing this look again. It's fun, easy and good looking, I can't really believe I waited this long to try it!

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Polishes: Essie Maximillan Strasse Her (2 coats), Powder Perfect Hidden Well, Kiko Sugar Mat Light Taupe (455)
Top coat: Glisten&Glow HK Girl (used before adding the textured polish)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Picture Polish Enchanting

I'm so deeply in love with quite a few Picture Polish lacquers and it seems that I have ended up using them in quite a few manicures lately. The other day I needed something quick but pretty on my nails, so of course I ended up choosing once again a Picture Polish lacquer. I decided to use the gorgeous Picture Polish Enchanting as I totally adored it in the previous mani I did with it.

I used two coats of Enchanting on each of my nails and then applied a coat of top coat. Enchanting is such a pretty polish that I could have worn it happily alone, but I still wanted to decorate my nails with something, so I decided to go with some water decals - fast and easy. I added white water decals on each nail and then a coat of top coat and that's it. It was very quick and easy manicure, though it took a little bit more time to clean it up than I thought because those water decals were a tad too big for my nails and I had to remove the excess parts with a brush and nail polish remover and it really didn't want to come off.

All in all, I really loved this quick and simple look! The decals covered the beautiful polish maybe a bit too much, but on the other hand, you could still see the stunning shade under the decals and in the part that wasn't covered. I'm not usually too comfortable with green nails, but Enchanting is surely an enchanting exception, it's a stunner!

Unfortunately I was really busy and managed to take the pictures of this mani after wearing it for several days already, so it's not the freshest mani out there, but at least the polish lasted on pretty well, so I was still able to take the pictures altogether. Love love love that green! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#ablecs15 Week 10: Dot Dot Dot

Oh my, it's already week 10 of the #ablecs15 challenge, so we are already past the half pont. This week's themes are Rainy Day and Dot Dot Dot, and I decided to start with the latter one since I had really clear idea what I was going to do for the dotting theme. Just recently Kelli from The Nail Polish Challenge posted her version of this manicure and I really loved it, so it was the perfect look to do for this theme.

Kelli's neon look was stunning, but I don't own too many neon polishes, so I just chose some colors that I thought would go well together. I didn't want to use white as my base color, so I chose Essence's I Nude It. It's a beautiful shade of polish, though I think it might be a tad too yellow for me. I bought it because I loved the subtle shimmer in it, but unfortunately the shimmer doesn't show up too much on nail.

For the dots I used of course a small dotting tool and several different polishes: OPI That's Hula-rious!, Color Club Blue-Ming and Essie Avenue Maintain, Bond With Whomever and Bottle Service.
I always struggle with getting the dots evenly and making them same sized. This time they aren't really too perfect either, but somehow I managed to do them pretty well. I really loved this look on my nails and this got me thinking that I should really do more these dotting tool manicures. This is such a fun look with the bright colors and the dots!

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener and Zoya Anchor
Polishes: Essence I Nude It (2 coats), OPI That's Hula-rious!, Color Club Blue-Ming, Essie Avenue Maintain, Essie Bond With Whomever, Essie Bottle Service
Top coat: INM Out The Door
Decorations: dotting tool


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#ablecs15 Week 9: My Newest Polish

I haven't bought too many polishes lately, but actually Essence just came available here in Finland recently and even here in my home town, so of course I had to go and buy at least couple. I think Essence is really one of the best affordable nail polish brands and I'm so happy that I can just go and buy their products now on whenever I feel like, I don't have to order online anymore or travel some other European country to do that. So big yay! 

The other one of the two themes for this week of #ablecs15 is My Newest Polish, so I chose to use two of my newest Essences for this theme as they really are the last ones I've bought at this moment.

We don't have that wide selection here, but at least something and I was happy that now I had the chance to buy some of those new gel nail polishes by Essence. I actually bought four different shades and a top coat, but I decided to use only two of them (+the top coat) for this manicure. I chose to use the vivid blue crelly called Electriiiiiic (hate that name!) as my base color and then the beautiful shimmery turquoise green called Prince Charming for the blobs.

Blobbicures have been really in lately, so of course I had to join in the game too! This was my first time trying this technique and it truly is incredibly easy and fast nail art. You don't really need anything else than couple polishes as you can do the blobs with the brush of the polish. I used a dotting tool for it just to have a little bit more control over the dots, but you don't really need to that if you don't want to.

This is probably a bit unusual color combo, but I loved it! I think these two shades looked really good together and they made this manicure really fun. Once again I was also really pleased with Essence's quality, both of these polishes were really great ones! Like I said, this is really one of the best affordable brands out there. I don't really like the design of the bottles and the brand isn't really very interesting, but the polishes are certainly worth of their cost and Essence has quite a few really beautiful shades in their nail polish line. 

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Polishes: Essence Electriiiiiic (2 coats) and Prince Charming
Top coat: Essence The Gel Nail Polish Top Coat

What's your newest polish?

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