Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nail Polish Battle: Kiko 295 vs. Zoya Robyn vs. Essie Strut Your Stuff

I have another Nail Polish Battle for you guys today, this time with three vivid cerulean blues. The battle polishes are Kiko number 295 called Cerulean Blue, Zoya Robyn and Essie Strut Your Stuff. These all look pretty similar in the bottle, though there is a slight color difference that you can already see here.

I have two thick coats of each polish here and they all do cover pretty well with two coats. They are all pretty easy to apply, thought they were all just slightly runny but nothing too major.

Essie and Kiko seem pretty much dupes, though I'd say Essie's color is slightly brighter whereas Kiko is a tad darker. Zoya is the one that's most different from the other two, eventhough it's also really bright and vivid, it looks a bit dusty compared to the other two and the color leans just little towards teal.

I think there isn't a big difference between these three, so if you have one, I don't think you need the others. For me from these three Kiko and Zoya were easiest to apply since the Essie has that thin brush that I'm not too fond of. I really love this bright blue hue in these, they are all really beautiful! 

One thing that also separates these three a bit is the fact that Essie seemed to stain my skin and cuticles just slightly when I removed it whereas Zoya or Kiko didn't. They are all quite pigmented, so you need to keep that in mind and maybe use two coats of base coat under these all.

Kiko was my bf's pick for me from all the Kiko polishes from Ancona's Kiko selection, so it's a bit more special to me than the other two. I'm also drawn to that little bit dusty and teal look of Zoya, so I'm pretty much doing my decision based on that.

Final verdict: This time Essie has to go as I want to keep that special Kiko and that dusty Zoya.

Which one is your favorite?

Giveaway Winner

My Born Pretty Store giveaway ended yesterday so I have the winner for you today!

But before that I just want to quickly thank every single one who participated and especially everyone who gave me somekind of feedback! I will surely try to do those posts that you wished for and I'm so grateful for all your kind words and also all the suggestions. Thank you all!

I'm sure you all just want to know who the winner is, so here it is:
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Big congratulations to Claire N! I have emailed the winner already, please respond within the next 48 hours.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#ablecaw14 Week 6: Love This Technique

Oh my, it's yet another week and time for the next Finnish(able) Nail Art Challenge manicures. This week, week six, the two themes are Love This Technique and The One That Never Got On Nails and I decided to start with the first one, the technique one. Actually I did these nails a little bit in advance since these were also my I Love Me -fair nails.

If you have been reading my blog even a little longer, you probably already know that I loooove doing gradients. So it's no wonder I chose to do one for this theme. Gradients are very easy to do, they always look really beautiful and there are endless number of variations that you can do just with changing the colors or using different types of polishes. So yeah, gradients are pretty much my all time favorite nail art technique. I also love using water decals, they are another easy way to give your manicure something extra, so I thought they would be perfect addition to this gradient and this theme.

I wanted to use some of my favorite polishes for my I Love Me nails so I did the gradient with three gorgeous Zoyas: Dillon, Zuza and Remy. I've had those feather water decals for quite a while and I can't really remember where I bought those, but I though it was about time to use them. I also wanted to make the manicure just a little bit more special and what's really better way of doing that than adding some sparkle! Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe seemed to be the perfect glitter for that task, so I took a little nail art brush and added some of that on top of all the feathers.

I really loved this manicure, every part of it! It has some of my favorite polishes and colors in it, I used Zoyas and especially those gorgeous shimmery ones, there's a beautiful gradient going on here and those water decals and that little bit of glitter were just perfect addition to the manicure.

It was no-brainer for me to choose a gradient for this challenge though I might have also made a water marbling manicure too, because that's another technique that I really love.

Which is your favorite nail art technique?

Disclosure: I have gotten Zoya Dillon and Remy originally for review. For more information view my disclosure policy

Giveaway Reminder

Hi guys! I just wanted to quickly remind you that my Born Pretty Store giveaway ends tonight. You have still few hours left to participate, so if you haven't done it already, make sure you enter before it's too late! :) Click here (or the picture) to learn more about the giveaway and to enter.

Good luck!

Monday, October 20, 2014

I Love Me 2014

Last weekend was finally the weekend for the I Love Me fair here in Finland, in Helsinki. I had planned my visit to the fair for quite a while with my nail polish buddies Katjamaria and Mirka. We live quite far away from our capital city, so we had to book a hotel room for us for the weekend and do some other preparations in advance. I also got a blogger pass for the fair, so I got a free entry for the event, but I would have gone there even without the pass since we had all planned before even getting that. Anyhow, we spent quite a few hours on Saturday at the fair because the area is seriously quite huge. There are total of five different areas at the event: beauty, health, fashion, jewellery&watch and naturally, but we used majority of our time at the beauty section.

Just like last year, this year too NailCity and their Zoya selection was probably my favorite, because who can really resist all these gorgeous Zoyas! I tried to be quite reasonable with my purchases and I think I managed quite well since I only bought three Zoyas. It's actually quite surprising as I'm pretty much drooling while looking all these pictures right now...

Last year CesarsShop had also really nice selection of different brands and polishes, and I think this year they had even better selection, because they had all those great indie polishes also. Once again I tried to be reasonable with my purchases and buy only the ones that I really wanted.

But believe me, it was quite hard! Here's Katjamaria with both her own and Mirka's pick from CesarsShop.

I also really wanted to visit Mereneid's stands because I like their top coat very much and it's really cheap, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to buy couple of bottles of that top coat. They also had some new nail art products (on the left here) but this time I just bought those top coats.

I also spotted these really cool Sinful Colors stands among other stands, but I was continuing with the same reasonable theme and didn't buy any of those. 

After going through the beauty section couple times and the others once, we were all really really tired and hungry. We all had made some really good purchases already and got pretty much all we wanted, so we decided finally give up and go find a nice place to eat. 

I'd say our visit was quite succesful or what do you think?!
Yep, this is what happens when you let three nail polish lovers loose at I Love Me fair... At least these aren't all mine, that would be quite concerning... :D

But here's everything nail related I bought! In addition to these I also bought a shampoo and couple other hair products and that was all, so I think I managed to be pretty reasonable with my purchases!

The three Zoyas that I bought are Margo, Rica and Belinda. Finally, FINALLY, Rica is mine and I have all the Zoya Sunshine collection polishes! I'm so happy!! I was actually talking about this one polish so much beforehand that Mirka even had a dream about Rica on the previous night before the fair... :D

There were some quite cheap China Glaze polishes on sale, so I picked up these four. They are Make An Entrance, Sexy In the City, Man Hunt and Emotion.

It was really hard to pick one from all the gorgeous indie polishes from CesarsShop stand, but I finally ended up getting this Delush Polish Teal Death Do Us Part. I was buying this among couple other things but Satu was so kind and gave me this one for free because of my blog.

I also really wanted to restock my top coat selection. I have used already couple bottles of Glisten&Glow HK Girl top coat and I wanted to get another one, so I bought that from CesarsShop also. Like I said I really like that Mereneid Top It All Top Coat and it's really cheap, so I decided to buy three. Hopefully all these will last for a while since I think it's always so boring to buy top coats online...

Big thanks to Katjamaria and Mirka for the great company and of course to Messukeskus for providing the blogger pass for me. I really had great time at the event and I'm glad I was able to visit the fair again this year!

How about you, did you visit I Love Me fair or have you visited something similar in your own country? What did you think about my haul from the event? 

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