Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Foiled Pebble Beach

As I promised before I have some nails for you guys today and some simple nail art on those nails! 

I hadn't used any foils for quite a while so I decided to dig them up and do some simple nail art that included foils. I used two coats of Lumene Pebble Beach / Silokallio as my base color. Then I just applied randomly some foil glue trying to get somewhat gradient pattern on the nails and then used that silver holographic foil. At first I thought I didn't get exactly the gradient look I was trying to go for, but in the end I still ended up liking this effect very much. 

I really liked this Lumene polish as well! If you are not familiar with the brand, Lumene is a Finnish skincare and makeup brand that has a great gel effect nails polish line too. I haven't bought Lumene polishes for a while, not that I didn't want to or anything like that, but the second I saw the new neutral fall shades, I knew I had to buy at least one of them. I decided to go with this Pebble Beach / Silokallio shade as it's such a beautiful lilac leaning neutral shade or maybe a light mauve. It has pretty great formula for such a light shade, I only needed two coats for full coverage. 

Also, I think it's quite sweet that Lumene nail polishes still have both English and Finnish names. And many times they aren't exact translations like with this one. The English name, Pebble Beach, reminds me mostly of those pebbled beaches in Croatia. Then again the Finnish name, Silokallio, means that smooth bedrock that was sculptured by the ice age. This is something that's very Finnish to me and something that I've gotten so used to. You know, I mean something like this:

This is a picture from the island shore where my family's summer house is. This particular photo is from 2013 but I have so so many photos like this with different seasons and hundreds sunsets, all of them different from another of course. And no, I did not enhance the colors, the sunset was just like that! It's the view that's pretty much the most familiar to me. So it's safe to say that I really love the name of this polish, both the English version and the Finnish version.

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: Nail Pattern Boldness Digital Hydration
Polishes: Lumene Pebble Beach / Silokallio (2 coats)
Nail art: Foil + foil glue
Top coat: Sally Hansen Gel Shine 3D Top Coat

Sunday, October 16, 2016

JORD Wood Watches Giveaway Reminder

Hi guys! I have just a quick post for you guys today as I wanted to remind of the great giveaway JORD is sponsoring for all my readers.

The winner of this giveaway will get $100 gift coupon to JORD online store. But that's not all, everyone else who participates in the giveaway will get $20 gift certificate. So everybody wins! If you haven't participated yet, hurry before it's too late as the giveaway is ending today! All you need to do is go to this giveaway entry form and give your name and email address and that's it.

If you want to know more about these JORD watches, check out my post of the gorgeous JORD Cora Koa & Rose Gold if you haven't read it yet. 

I promise I'll have some nails for you guys in the next post, so see you then!

Friday, October 14, 2016

I love me messulippujen arvonnan voittajat

Huom. arvottu uusi voittaja toiselle lipulle!

I love me messulippujen voittajat on nyt arvottu! Blogin Instagramin puolelta voi käydä kurkkaamassa perinteiseen tapaan suoritetun paperilappuarvonnan videon, mutta ajattelin kuitenkin julkaista voittajat myös täällä blogin puolella. 

Voittajat ovat:



edit: Katariina olikin onnekkaasti voittanut jo aiemmin lipun, joten arvoin toiselle lipulle uuden voittajan ja hän on:


Onnittelut voittajille! Olen viestittänyt heille jo sähköpostitse/yksityisviestillä Instagramissa, vastausta odottelen sunnuntaihin klo 19.00 mennessä tai arvon uuden voittajan/voittajat.

Kiitos kaikille arvontaan osallistuneille ja oikein mukavia messuja kaikille! :)

Kiitokset tietysti myös Messukeskukselle arvotuista lipuista!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Nail Polish Battle: Picture Polish Winter vs. 2001

Nail Polish Battle is back after almost a year, yay! Today I have a battle between two beautiful grey Picture Polish lacquers: Winter and 2001.

dupe Picture Polish Winter 2001
Picture Polish 2001 is from the most resent set of blogger collaboration polishes whereas Winter was created last year and it's one of the Picture Polish's own shades. They are both definitely beautiful grey scattered holographic polishes. Compared together 2001 looks a lot more blue leaning than Winter. Winter is more darker and clearly fully grey whereas 2001 looks a bit more soft toned blue leaning grey. 

They both have awesome formula, but I'd say 2001 is just slightly better. Don't get me wrong, the formula of Winter is pretty much perfect, but 2001 applies just slightly better and covers just a tad better with the two easy peasy coats. The difference is just tiny as they both have that great Picture Polish formula and they both need just two coats for full coverage.

Final verdict: They are definitely not the same and grey lovers should probably own them both. However, I think I will survive owning just one of these and I prefer 2001 because I simply like the blue leaning shade more.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Essie Summer 2016 Collection - Loot the Booty and Viva Antigua!

Hi guys! I want to share two gorgeous polishes from Essie summer 2016 collection with you guys today. I know it's a bit late for summer collection polishes, but these two are soooo pretty that they surely deserve it.

Essie's summer collection Viva Antigua! was a pretty great set of six beautiful colors that seemed to work really well together as a whole too. There were two polishes that especially caught my attention: Loot the Booty and Viva Antigua! and those two were the ones I ended up buying from this collection.

Essie Loot the Booty is a beautiful rich sapphire blue with iridescent flakies. Those little flakies are so stunning and they give this polish such beautiful dimension. It has a great formula too, I only needed two easy coats for full coverage. It's really pigmented, so you might want to use two coats of base coat under this one.

Essie Summer 2016
Essie Viva Antigua! is a stunning turquoise green with iridescent glass fleck finish. This is a definite summer shade, it reminds me off a tropical sea in sunlight. It also has a great formula: two easy coats here and that's it.
Essie Summer 2016

Viva Antigua! was the one I really wanted from this collection as I'm all about these type of turquoise shades. I surely wasn't disappointed with it, I love it! Loot the Booty was a positive surprise, I hesitated a bit about getting it, but ended up adding it to my purchase and I'm glad I did as I love that one too. I'm highly recommending checking out both of these shades, they're definitely worth it. 
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