Monday, October 5, 2015

Kiko 335 Ink Blue with Plenty of Glitters

First I need to tell you a little story about how I ended up really hating OPI Just Lanai-ing Around. It has really nothing to do with today's post, but I have to tell this to you to get it out of my system.

So, I had bought Just Lanai-ing Around a while back and tried it on. I didn't really like the color on me at all and so I didn't even take pictures of it. The other day I was doing some destashing and so I put Lanai-ing into the selling box also with plenty of other polishes. Then I needed to do some cleaning around the house and I decided that I didn't have time to figure out what to do with the box of polishes, so I thought I'd put it into my closet for a while and figure it out later. Well, of course the box fell out of my hands with all the polishes falling all over the place. And as you might have guessed already, surely it was Lanai-ing Around that broke into million pieces and made a horrible mess. There was this awesome spatter pattern all over my painted wood floor, some spatters on the baseboard and the wall and of course all the other polishes that fell out the box to the floor were all covered with the not-so-pretty mauve color. If you haven't ever tried it, I can tell you that it isn't the easiest task to remove dried polish from a painted floor without removing the paint altogether.

I had never before broken any nail polish bottles and I have to say that I didn't even realize how much polish could fit into one tiny bottle and how big of a mess one bottle of polish could make. Nothing else really worked for the removing of the polish than just a regular nail polish remover with acetone in it, so I spent quite a few hours yesterday removing the polish really carefully trying not to mess the paint of the floor at the same time. So yeah, it's safe to say that I hate hate hate Just Lanai-ing Around. I never liked it anyway and after this I will never, never ever and ever ever even want to see it. Did I already say that I hate it?! Oh yes, I did... Such a stupid name also... *mumbling*

Now that I have gotten that story off my chest we can concentrate on today's manicure. After seeing Sammy's glitter placement nail art at The Nailasaurus I wanted to do the exact same thing on my nails, it looked so cool! Unfortunately I don't own any of those diamond shaped glitters, so I couldn't really copy the mani exactly. I had to go with what I had on hand and do some glitter placement nail art with hex glitters.

I used one of the Kiko polishes that I bought from my summer trip to Barcelona. This gorgeous blue jelly is number 335 and it's called Ink Blue. This has pretty awesome formula as it coveres with just two coats and it's crazy shiny with beautiful deep blue color. 

I did the glitters only on my middle and ring fingers since I wanted to spare myself a little as it took a while do the two nails on both of my hands. Also I do like the accent nail/accent nails look in general and it works in this mani too. At first I tried to place the glitters in perfect pattern, but my hex glitters are some cheap kind and they aren't all exactly the same size, so in the end I just ended up placing them on my nails quite randomly. I still like the end result though, I think it looks so fun! I ended up with some little bubbles after applying the top coat, but those didn't really bother me too much since they weren't that visible in real life.

Products used for this manicure
Base coat: KBShimmer Basic Training
Polish: Kiko 335 Ink Blue
Top coat: Essie Gel Setter
Others: hex glitters

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Picture Polish Arabian, Big Band and Cabaret

Like pretty much all the nail polish world, I was also drooling over almost every single new Picture Polish shade as soon as they were released. I managed to limit myself a bit and I bought just three out of the eight new PP shades, though I'm pretty sure I'm going to need couple more... Anyhow, I have my swatches of my picks: Arabian, Big Bang and Cabaret to share with you guys today!

Picture Polish Arabian is a beautiful dark crimson red scattered holo with a touch of gold spark. This one was created with Didoline and the inspiration is quite clearly her arabic roots. It's truly a stunning red and I love everything about it! It has a perfect formula and it covered my nails completely with two easy peasy coats. I even love the font of the name, it's truly the final touch which makes it perfect.

Picture Polish Big Bang is a dark blueish purple scattered holo with iridescent flakes. This one was made with La NPA Mouton and it's really another stunning shade! I used three coats here though maybe you could get away with just two little bit thicker coats. This is simply a beautiful and unique shade, I love it! 

Last but not least is Picture Polish Cabaret which is a dark burgundy scattered holo with some hex holographic glitters added to the mix. Cabaret was created with u_nona and I feel like I'm repeating my self, but this is yet another stunner! I'm always loving these type of burgundy scattered holo polishes, so this one is right up my alley. I used three easy coats here. It dries a bit gritty so you'll need to apply a coat of top coat to make it smooth. It's official, three out of three, I love them all!

Which one of these three or the other new PP shades is your favorite? Did you buy any of these new shades?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Keep Calm and Carry On

No matter how good the original idea, sometimes a manicure just doesn't work. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who sometimes ends up looking at a finished mani with only one thought: what on earth did I just do. Or sometimes it's maybe more something like why on earth did I just do that... Anyhow, today I wanted to share three manis that all had something wrong with them. You can't get it always right. I'm sure we've all had those days that nothing goes as you had originally planned.

This first one is a tad older mani that I did for some  nail art contest a while back. It might look nice at first glance with all the sparkle of the beautiful FUN Lacquer polishes, but when you take a closer look you might begin to see all the things that didn't go right with this manicure. I certainly didn't enter this one to the competition and I removed it as soon as I had taken couple pictures of it. 

I tried to do some sort of gradient to my index and pinky nails, didn't really succeed in that... All I ended up was some clumpy nails with three different sections. Then I tried to do some fishtail nail art type of thing to my other nails, but that didn't go right either. FUN Lacquer Million Dollar Dream, Royal Chapel and Secret are the type of polishes that don't really work for something like this. I had to use quite a few layers of each of them and then I ended up with a really clumpy result. I don't know why I originally even thought they would work for this. Or maybe that's the thing, I didn't think anything. Just to make it even more better, you can't really even see the whole pattern I was trying to do since the polishes aren't just fit for this sort of thing. 

This second one is more resent mani with two Essie Fall 2015 polishes Leggy Legend and Bell-Bottom Blues. I thought that Leggy Legend wasn't really the best match with my skintone, but I still wanted to wear it as it is a gorgeous shade. I thought matching it with the beautiful blue from the same collection would make me like it on me more, but that didn't happen. Somehow the colors are just wrong and I also messed up the quatre foil pattern AND the top coat I used made the mani bubble a bit... So yeah, pretty much everything went wrong here and I didn't wear this look either for long.

The last one is pretty much the classic example of everything going a bit wrong. There's nothing wrong with the two polishes I used, both Vivid Lacquer Theoretical Statue and Zoya Tomoko are beautiful polishes, but that's pretty much everything that is good in this manicure. This was supposed to be a quick and simple look that I could wear to the office. Somehow I ended up choosing those rose water decals that don't really go well with either of the polishes. Then I tried to make it more interesting by placing the accent nail decal to the other side than the other decals on other nails... And to top it all off I managed to ruin the water decal on my index nail when applying top coat. I tried to fix it with a bit of Tomoko on top to make it sparkle so you wouldn't see that the decal is broken, but that didn't really work at all.

It safe to say that these weren't really my best manicures... I know they might look just nice especially if you don't look too closely, but I'd definitely count these all to the fail section as they didn't turn out anything like I had in mind when I started each of these manicures.

What do you guys do when you end up with a mani that you don't really enjoy? Do you just stick it out and wear it anyway or remove it right away and try something else?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I Love Me messulippujen voittajat

Messulippujen voittajat on nyt arvottu ja vaikka antaisin mielelläni teille kaikille liput messuille, niin voittajia voi tällä kertaa olla vain kaksi.

Lipun messuille voittivat siis nimimerkit Miia ja Xalla. Onnea voittajille ja kiitos kaikille osallistujille! Molemmille voittajille on laitettu sähköpostia, toivon pikaista vastausta. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I Love Me 2015 messutärpit ja arvonta

This post is only in Finnish as it's about this Finnish I Love Me -fair.

Ensi kuussa koittavat taas kauan odotetut I Love Me -messut! Tälläkin kertaa aion täältä itärajan tuntumasta suunnata kohti Helsinkiä messuilemaan lauantaina, sillä ilokseni sain myös tänä vuonna bloggaajapassin messuille. Junaliput on siis jo hankittu ja messusuunnitelmia tehty, joten ajattelin viime vuoden tapaan jakaa hieman omia messutärppejäni teille muille messuille suuntaaville. Jos teillä ei ole vielä lippua hankittuna messuille, niin kannattaa kurkata myös postauksen loppuun, sillä sieltä löytyy pieni arvonta, jossa voit voittaa lipun messuille. Mutta toki kannattaa lukaista ensin nämä messutärpit läpi. ;)

Jos joku ei sattumoisin vielä tiedä, mikä ihmeen tapahtuma nämä I Love Me -messut ovat, niin kyseessä ovat siis kolmipäiväiset viisi teemaa yhdistävät messut Helsingin messukeskuksessa 16.-18.10.2015. Messujen teemoja ovat kauneus, muoti, terveys, koru&kello ja luonnollisesti, eli yhden tapahtuman sisään on kasattu melkeinpä jokaiselle jotakin!

Kuva: Messukeskus

Ohjelmassa on uutuutena tänä vuonna mm. hiusnäytökset, joita järjestetään näytösalueella päivittäin klo 15. Schwarzkopf Professionalin näytös nimellä Essential Looks - kauden hiustrendit täytyy ehdottomasti käydä kurkistamassa hiusvinkkien toivossa. 

Kuva: Messukeskus

Muutkin hiuksiin liittyvät ohjelmat ovat perinteisesti olleet minusta kiinnostavia ja tänäkin vuonna hiusvinkkejä voi poimia kiitettävästi eri osastoilta. Esimerkiksi Invisibobble pikakampauksia ja lettikampauksia loihditaan osastolla 6b111 päivittäin. Myös letittävä isä ja bloggari Matti Airola on messuilla lauantaina ja sunnuntaina loihtimassa avustajineen lettejä messukävijöille

Messujen yhteydessä järjestetään myös perinteisesti Kosmetologipäivät. Tänä vuonna kosmetologipäivien alue on myös ensi kertaa avoinna kuluttajille lauantaina iltapäivällä ja sunnuntaina koko päivän ajan.

Kuva: Messukeskus

Kiinnostavaa ohjelmaa messuilla ovat myös erilaiset kilpailut. Helsinki Bodypainting -kilpailuun liittyen oli ainakin viime vuonna todella mielenkiintoista seurata vierestä vartaloihin maalattavien taideteoksien valmistumista, joten varmasti myös tänä vuonna pysähdyn tätä katsomaan. Tämä kilpailu järjestetään lauantaina, perjantaina ohjelmassa on Kynsi- ja ripsimuotoilun SM-kisat ja sunnuntaina Maskeerauksen SM-kilpailut.

Messuvieraille on myös tarjolla eri osastoilla pikameikkejä, -kampauksia, ihoanalyysejä, käsihoitoja ja vaikka mitä muuta mukavaa. Itse ajattelin ainakin istahtaa käsihierontaan vaikkapa osastolle 6d121, jossa käsihierontoja tehdään uudella chiliä ja aprikoosia sisältävällä käsivoiteella. Kuulostaa mielenkiintoiselta!

Kuva: Messukeskus

Kynsibloggaajana näytteilleasettajista kiinnostavimpia ovat tietysti erilaiset kynsiin liittyvät näytteilleasettajat. Aion käydä ainakin ostamassa Mereneidin pisteeltä muutaman koristelusiveltimen (osasto 6f109), Bm Internationalin osastolla kurkkaamassa OPIn lakkoja (osasto 6e79), IsaDoran pisteellä katsastamassa lakkoja ja luomivärejä (6e81), Cosmo Nordicin pisteellä kurkkaamassa Essence-tarjonnan (6e130) ja monella monella muulla osastolla. Messut ovat aivan loistava tilaisuus tietysti myös tutustua uusiin tuotteisiin ja merkkeihin, joten liian tarkkaa suunnitelmaa ei ennakkoon kannatakaan tehdä.

Suosikkeja niin ohjelman kuin näytteilleasettajien suhteen on tietysti hyvä laittaa ylös, jotta varmasti löytää ja ehtii käymään ne omat suosikkinsa läpi. Kartalla pysymiseen auttaa Messukeskuksen uusi applikaatio, johon voi kätevästi merkitä ylös suosikkinsa ja josta löytää muutenkin kaiken tarpeellisen infon messuihin liittyen. Samasta appista löytyy kaikki Messukeskuksen tapahtumat ja sieltä voi sitten noukkia itselleen ne, joissa aikoo vierailla tai joihin haluaa tutustua tarkemmin. Latasin jo tuon appin omaan puhelimeeni ja aion ottaa sen varmasti käyttöön myös messuilla vieraillessani, sen verran kätevältä se näyttää! Appi toimii Android ja iOS-laitteilla.

Kuten luvattu, myös teillä on nyt mahdollisuus voittaa lippu I Love Me -messuille! Yksi lippu oikeuttaa yhteen kertakäyntiin messuilla ja lippuja arvon kaksi kappaletta, yhden per voittaja. Liput annettiin minulle arvottavaksi blogin seuraajia varten, joten osallistuaksesi sinun täytyy seurata Polish This! -blogia jonkin kanavan kautta (Blogger, Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram, linkit kaikkiin löytyvät oikeasta sivupalkista), uudet lukijat/seuraajat ovat toki tervetulleita. 

Osallistuaksesi jätä kommentti tämän postauksen kommenttiosioon, ilmoita mitä kanavaa käyttäen ja millä nimellä seuraat sekä ilmoita myös sähköpostisi. Arvonta alkaa nyt ja päättyy 30.9.2015 klo 16. Julkaisen arvonnan voittajat mahdollisimman pian arvonnan päättymisen jälkeen. Jos en saa voittajilta vastausta sähköpostiini 48 tunnin kuluessa, arvon uuden voittajan/voittajat. Messukeskus postittaa liput suoraan voittajille ilmoitukseni mukaan. Onnea matkaan!
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